Posted by: thescoundrel | January 23, 2009

When Sock Puppets Go Rogue

Hang the banners! Stake the tents! Bust out the Barkers! The clowns are already here. Because the Rod Blagojevich State of Illinois Politics Circus is performing another encore. It is an all-political clown show staring Illinois legislators at the State and Federal level. In a media event held today, Governor Blago is vocally crying foul on the current impeachment process and silently challenging all the Illinois legislators that just want him out of office and to disappear before he starts spilling the dirty little secrets that keeps the politicians in power. True, it is political business as usual – but it is getting a National Audience during this political extravaganza. What is amusing are all the Democrat politicians and sheep that championed Gov. Blago are now shrieking – Off with Blago’s Head!!! Up until the moment Blago was hauled into jail they were all just one big happy family of Democrats. And Blago was the State leader they were rallying around with and singing praise-the-lord we are saved because we have a Democrat at the helm. Hmm, that sounds familiar! Oh yeah it is the same thing the nation was just singing as Barack Obama was anointed USA Messiah. That same Barack Obama that has political and personal ties to Blago and was singing the Blago praises along with the rest of the State Democrats, until Blago got his hand caught in the cookie jar. But now that their Democrat Party Sock Puppet has a “visible” cloud of corruption that hangs over the heads of all Illinois politicians they have named him a rogue and a pariah. This is the same Blago pulling all the previously known Blago tricks that they all rallied around (including current Pope Barack Obama) and championed the Blago reelection cause when his original term of Governor was up. 😳 Oops! Blago has been the same Blago he has always been. At his press conference today he looked tired and probably scared. Scared enough he is probably ready to start spilling all the little secret dealings that do on in Illinois politics. My guess is this latest media circus was just his way of letting all his former colleagues seeking his political career- lay off unless you want me to start talking. The rest of the story is that the State and Federal Democrats have decided he has gone rogue. There ain’t nuthin capable of scaring politicians than a political friend gone rogue –that may try and cut a deal with prosecutors to save his own skin. If they rush to help him out of this jam they look bad in the public face or if they let him sink then most of them face the same fate. A real conundrum for our President, and the rest of our Illinois politicians. This story is the political media circus that just keeps on performing for the crowds.



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