Posted by: thescoundrel | January 24, 2009

Rod Blagojevich Takes His Big Top Clown Circus National

The Rod Blagojevich Democratic Big Top Clown Circus has been held over again, this time it is in the Big Time National Spotlight! Our Glorious Governor will take his political clown show to CNN and the Larry King Live show this coming Monday! Good move for Governor Roddy! Good move for the people of Illinois, the USA and even the World! Lets get some of the dirt out in the open! No so good a move for his fellow politicians/sock puppets. He is to explain his thinking surrounding his impeachment hearings and why he is considering boycotting his own impeachment trial. Even better – you can email the Larry King Live Show with questions for our Celebrated Governor. You suppose that many of the Illinois Democrat and Republican Politicians are sweating out this turning up of the heat by Governor Blago turning to the National Press with his case! Don’t cha just love it when all the political sock puppets are being placed in a difficult position where they will eventually  have to sing and dance because one of their fellow politician sock puppet buddies goes rogue!!!

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  1. Blago hiring a PR firm to represent him actually makes more sense than hiring lawyers.

    The sham show trial that the IL Senate will put on will not have anything to do with the rule of law, but will have everything to do with trying to erase the stain they carry for supporting Blago, even when they knew he was under investigation.

    It’s like a “do-over” for the politically feckless and corrupt.

  2. Yeah – but I read the firm he hired is also the firm that represents former cop/alleged murderer Drew Peterson. 😆

    I guess Blago is going after womens sympathy by going on another high profile show – the view!

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