Posted by: thescoundrel | January 24, 2009

The Scorpion and the Voters Fable

There is a story about a poisonous scorpion that could not swim whom cons a suspicious turtle to take him across a river, by convincing the turtle that the scorpion offers it no danger. Yet halfway across the river the scorpion stings the turtle with its venomous tail. When the scorpion was asked by the turtle -Why he stung the turtle dooming both of them to drown in the river- the scorpion replied it is in my nature!

I would think that many of the non-Democrats that voted for Pope Barack Obama the first, could start to relate to the fable of the turtle and the scorpion. During Obamas campaign he was speechifying about how he is to be the great healer to reach across party lines along with a transparent administration. ROFLMAO @ people that believed the Obama Kings X political spiel! The Obama administration is less than a week old and already he has took to bashing former President Bush on the Obama Presidential website (so much for the great healer), tossed bones to the rabid disciples that got him elected by unilaterally and without consulting with the Congress (so much for reaching across party lines)- deciding to close Gitmo without having a real plan as what to do with the terrorists, unilaterally decided to tender US tax funds to countries for performing abortions despite a huge rift between US citizens on the matter of abortion (does he expect any less rift by using taxpayer money to fund overseas abortions) and now has broke his new transparency rule by deciding he needs special exceptions to break his own – Get Tough with Lobbyists rule! Why, because he is a politician! Politicians lie cheat and steal to climb the political ladder. They shake your voters hand, pat your back, tell you as many lies as necessary and pick your pockets as they swindle you out of your vote. Barack Obama came out of the nastiest political cesspool in Illinois- Chicago. Where, just like the scorpion it is the nature of the beast to sting the voters for letting a politician ride across the river on your back.



  1. Obama is a “miserable failure”
    I must admit that this is sweet revenge. A few years ago tech savvy internet users with Bush derangement syndrome linked President Bushes bio with the Google search term “miserable failure.” Now the label has been transferred to President Barack Obama.

  2. It looks like everything you mentioned above is having a cumulative effect—The One’s poll numbers have crashed from the 80s to the more normal 60s in less than a week—and all it took was for him to actually DO something. 😀

  3. QCEx- He is turning out to be the False Prophet many of us claimed he was with his phony message of change and hope.

    TI Redneck I agree it is a sort of a humorous justice.

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