Posted by: thescoundrel | January 29, 2009

Blago Speaks

Does anyone care?

The impeachment trials for our Illustrious Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, moved to the Illinois Senate this past Monday. The Governor has chosen to skip the first three days in favor of a whirlwind media blitz focused on claiming how Illinois legislators are railroading him and that the impeachment process does not allow him to defend himself. Governor Blagojevich is attending today and is set to give the closing arguments against his impeachment. I admit that what I have read of the evidence so far does not paint a pretty picture of our Governor. It makes him look as corrupt as the reputation Illinois politicians have earned over the years. I have no doubt Blago is correct about the railroading claims about  many of the ones judging him, especially those with Chicago connections. And as much as I hate to agree with Governor Blagojevich, the impeachment process is a dog and pony show – by design. Everybody is just doing his or her jobs. Everybody is just following the rules. But the end process of the impeachment process, as designed, is that it does not allow the defendant a possibility to properly defend his or her self. It is just another political circus created out of smoke and mirrors. I now feel the need to go wash my mouth out with Listerine after agreeing with Blago.

For those interested Scott Reeder is doing a live blog of the event for QCOnline at this link.


The Illinois Senate has officially impeached  Rod Blagojevich 59-0! It was a sweep. They also voted to never allow him to hold political office again in the State of Illinois. Next Stop Jail?



  1. Gov. Blago is not being “railroaded” he has been playing king Blago for at least 4 years, probably 6. He does not work with the legislature, he has done things clearly illegal, he has totally ignored the legislature, who after all also are elected officials. The only thing wrong about this impeachment is that it took the federal arrest to get the legislature to act when they should have acted years ago.

  2. What most people in America don’t understand is that the people of Illinois have had a problem with Rod for years. He wasn’t elected by Illinois, he was elected by Chicago. Accordingly, he has not done anything to help anyone downstate of I-80. Rod even refused to live in the gov. mansion in Springfield, choosing to live in Chicago (the only part of the state he has done anything to “help”). He keeps talking about the proceedings being unfair, but where was his idea of what’s fair to people throughout the rest of his terms. No one wants him in office anymore, so get his corrupt butt out of office.

  3. Will somebody please get Blago the Bum off the stage. Thank you.

  4. My personal feelings are that Blago is guilty as charged. The problem is that Blago hit on several key points in his speech. Nearly all the articles of impeachment against him are from his first term as our Governor. I believe, the only exception are the ones regarding the selling of Obama’s seat. Those are charges that are the most damning, yet they are still in the infancy stage legally. If they are going to impeach Blago based on the articles during his first term, why did they wait so long? In fact why was he ever reelected? His reelection was not even close. And the Illinois Democrat Party did absolutely nothing to prevent him from being reelected. In fact it was full charge ahead in getting this guy elected. Every Democrat politician at the State and Federal level now screaming off with Blago’s head – at the time of the elections were on the reelect Blago cho-cho train smiling and holding hands with the Governor. Heck even our local Rock Island Co. Democrat Party was in the bag for Blago’s election. The Rock Island Co. Democrat Party leader at the time, John Gianoulis, was busy helping lead the charge to reelect Blago. They even had an article in the local paper about how he was instrumental in Blago elections. If so many of Blago’s actions were so evil during his first term – why did they not make a serious effort to replace him on the ticket? Because they did not care. They only cared about holding on to power. And that is what this impeachment process is really all about. It is a power play by the Illinois Democrat party to save face on something they should have addressed long ago.

  5. My company provides residential care to adults who our mentally retarded. Many of my colleagues were thrilled that Illinois elected a democratic govenor because the preception that his party would help the most vvulnerable citizens of our state. What we have seen in the years Blago has been in power are continued inadequate rates for services and huge paynent delays because our state is effegtively broke. He has to go.

  6. Alan I think he needs to go also. In my personal opinion, Blago’s handling of the State Government has been atrocious. But the process we are going through shows the shortcomings of Illinois’ impeachment process. It is simply designed so that any ruling could possibly be challenged in the courts. The wrong judge at the right time could put the State in worse financial and operational circumstances than we already are.

    The impeachment rules state that the Legislation does not have to let him put up a defense. That rule needs to go. And I see no reason, if the Legislation is really interested in getting the answers and not just trying to cover their own buttocks, that the Legislation could not allowed him a chance to offer up a legal defense. But the impeachment laws are evidently designed to silence any defense.

  7. In Blago’s defense, Springfield is a pretty awful area to have to live.

  8. Good! One less cockroach to step on. See ya jerk! I hope your next step is being thrown into jail for a while.

  9. Thank the gods this ridiculous piece of political theatre is over—but wouldn’t it be a hoot if Fitzgerald failed to convict Blago at his criminal trial?

    I do believe I would laugh my keester off!

  10. Yeah but while the impeachment process is over I imagine Blago has some performances left on his card as he tries to limit his jail time. Though the Blago Big Top Circus has just been downsized, my guess is the show will still go on.

  11. Wow!

    Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more disgusted by the Government.

    We are ALL presumed innocent until trial. Try if you might but I don’t think there is one person that can claim otherwise.

    I think we should trash everyone’s job who ‘voted’ on, well, nothing that has been proven yet.

    I cannot believe that nobody voted for him. I think it’s time to dig into everyone’s close knit little family in the government and split them up.

    There is no room for ‘suspicians’ in government but only proven facts.

    If all of these self rightous legislators wanted to impeach someone, how come it wasn’t this easy with Bush? Oh wait, suspicians and ‘pre-emptive strikes’ is how the government worked with bush, maybe that’s how they like to do things these days.

    It’s crazy and scary when we can’t use ‘LAW’ to govern not only the people, but our government.

    What is wrong with these people?

  12. Blagojevich may be an idiot, but he isn’t stupid. When he went on all the those talkshows over the last week, he wasn’t trying to sway the Illinois legislature. He was talking to the jury pool from which jurors will be drawn for his trial.

  13. Illinois senate tells Rod Blagojevich to not let the door hit him in the butt on the way out

    Personally, I am going to miss this guy. He epitomizes the worst of Democratic politics.

  14. Banning Blago from ever holding political office again is a bit of overkill IMO, but on the other hand he would probably be able to convince enough brain-dead Dems to vote for him to win another election!

  15. Whew! Good for you, Illinois! You know what’s sad? For every Rod Blagojevich caught, there are 10 others out there doing the same things. Such is the nature of politics in America. Our political system has become a culture of corruption, where quid pro quo is considered business as usual. I’d be willing to bet that most of our governors could be removed from office for the same reasons — only they seem to be smart enough not to act like untouchable mafia dons. Maybe your resolve will encourage citizens in all states to send a clear message to their elected officials that we’re sick of this crap and that they will serve us (as opposed to themselves and their cronnies) or we will show them the road.

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