Posted by: thescoundrel | January 30, 2009

Rod Blagojevich Era is History

Rod Blagojevich is now past history in Illinois politics and Pat Quinn has been sworn in as our new Illinois Governor. Quinn is already spreading the political promises thick, he kind of reminds me of Blago in that way. I am glad Blago is gone but the impeachment process felt soiled. What worries me the most about the impeachment process is that many/most of the very same people judging Blago, were probably as dirty as Blago himself. Four out of our last eight Illinois Governors have been indicted. Three have spent time in jail for their transgressions. Former Illinois Governor Ryan is currently setting in prison and it will not surprise me if Blago is soon sitting in a cell along side Ryan. As I think of the situation – I cannot remember a Governor of Illinois in my lifetime that has not had some sort of scandal tied to him either during his time in office or afterwards. And as I have said before, I do not think the most of the scandalous events are tied to just the Illinois Governors office. It cannot be just the Governor. Dirty politics has ruled Illinois for decades. The scandals have been going on too long and involved too many different Governors for the only current bad seed in Illinois politics to be Blago. And when the system has been dirty that long the only way to do business in the system is to roll in the mud with the rest of the swine. Heck we probably would not have seen a Blago impeachment process, except for the Tony Rezko investigation. And that investigation has political connection up and down both major political parties at the State and now the Federal levels. There is no way of knowing just how many politicians that are part of and/or have connections to the Illinois political system that will continue to fall from the domino effect surrounding the Rezko Investigations. Individuals like Blagojevich can only operate if many/most of the legislators around him have their own hands reaching out for some of the power and fortune the Blago deals are creating or if they are just turning a blind eye to what he was up to. And as I applaud the exit of Rod Blagojevich I fear all we did was knock over the chessboard and just shuffle the pieces as we placed them back on the board.

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  1. Do you think that somebody didn’t want to get caught with their hand in the cookie jar? If he’s the only crooked politician in the state that must be some sort of record.

  2. He was way too arrogant and he should realize that his taped messages did nothing to help his cause. Also, going around around the news/tv stations did nothing to help his cause. He should have listed to his lawyers, resigned appropriately and live to fight another day. When the vote is 100% against you, something must be wrong.

  3. I think the whole proceeding was exactly what Blago claimed it was – a kangaroo court. Blago was as guilty as sin. He knows, the world knows it and the legislation knows it. But the legislation just wants to find a way to shut him up and get him off the front page of the newspapers. I am not sure the impeachment will totally silence Blago but it will reduce his stages where he can put on his “I am Innocent” productions. But he was name-dropping during his speech to the Senate.

    off topic:
    I see where Davenports tough-o 🙄 n-crime poster boy, Pachino Hill, was responsible for the death of a passenger in his car this morning while trying to elude the police. How many days of getting churched up do ya think they will sentence him to this time?

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