Posted by: thescoundrel | January 31, 2009

Old Fish and Often Relatives – Create Stink

They say fish and relatives begin to stink after three days. For some relatives it does not really take three days for them to leave a stench around your presence that you just wish would disappear. I know I have had my share of stinky relatives. For a personage like a President, a relative that creates unneeded embarrassment can become a real detriment to your personal image. The media love to meet the soon to be celebrity kin. Two words – Billy Carter. 😆 Jimmy Carter’s brother was a National Embarrassment every minute Carter was in office. Newly elected President Barack Obama has barely been in office and his family members have already proved to be an ever-increasing image problem. Obama managed to win the presidency despite his wife having foot in mouth disease during the campaign. Obama has an illegal immigrant aunt living off the State of Massachusetts. And now Obama’s half-brother, George, has been busted in Kenya on drug charges. Heck with this kind of all-in-the- family start – an Obama presidency should be a laugh a minute, except for Barack Obama.



  1. When I saw this story I had three thoughts:

    1. They have drug laws in Kenya?

    2. This will not effect BHObama the way it did Carter and Clinton because George Obama doesn’t live in the USA, unlike Billy Carter and Roger Clinton.

    3. There for the grace of god goes our wonderful POTUS—if he had been busted for drugs back when he was using, I seriously doubt he would be our sainted POTUS today, although I look forward to our first POTUS with a drug record—but hoping I’ll be dead by then!

    Everything is timing!

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