Posted by: thescoundrel | February 3, 2009

Help Wanted – Tax Evaders Preferred

Following what is becoming standard operating politics in the USA,  an Agent of Change and Hope revolution to take power from a previous administration, Barack Obama has assumed control of the US Government. He is the New Boss! In the newly forming Obama administration it is becoming increasingly clear -that while we everyday citizens will be expected to live up to our tax paying responsibilities- that for those applicants desiring a position of power inside the Obama administration, paying your taxes to avoid going to jail is an after-the-fact option. In fact it looks like politicians not paying their taxes will be given first consideration at being granted lucrative high-paying government jobs where they can advise and assist in creating law and edicts that passes judgment on all the law-abiding citizens. In an Obama run government – All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others. The main qualifications for an appointment to the Obama administration seems to revolve around the tried and true old timey political favor system. Meet the New Boss – same as all the past Old Bosses; Barack Obama the media chosen messianic false prophet of change and hope.

Journalist Greta Van Susteren has proposed questions at this link to her website that she thinks should be asked of Tom Daschle about his tax evasion dealings.

The question comes up over on American Thinker – should Obama and the Congress deal with Daschle and Geithner by following Daschle’s own advice on confronting tax evaders?



  1. Joe Francis-
    ¿¿¿ another worthy candidate to hold office in an Obama administration???

  2. What bugs me most about this is that no one is standing up for what’s right.

    I wouldn’t expect Democrats to have the moral spine to reject these losers, but it is disappointing that the GOP Senators refuse to vote against their cronies who are crooks and liars.

    This is when the reality hits that the Senate is just a good ol’ boys club, regardless of party affiliation—and that sux because no one is standing up for ordinary people.

    It’s been suggested that the IRS should audit the entire Obama Administration—I say audit the whole damned government!

  3. QCEx -I just added a new link in my post. It is to American Thinker. You have to love the quote at the link by Daschle on how to handle tax evaders.

  4. Oh yeah, that Daschle quote is a classic—obviously he meant to imply that paying taxes is just for the little people.

    Along with Biden’s classic “paying taxes is a patriotic duty”, it won’t be long until Biden will be questioning Daschle’s and Geithner’s patiotism! 😀

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