Posted by: thescoundrel | February 3, 2009

Obama Ethics Are Proving To Be Shtick

All Presidential administrations face turnover either through job disenchantment and/or scandal. The administration casualties are already quickly adding up for the brand new Obama administration. As one article put it – Obama’s campaign ethics pledge is looking risky. Yup the man who was going to cleanup Washington Politics is struggling to fill his cabinet positions with individuals that are ethical. And when their dishonesty is exposed, Obama gets on his Agent of Change pulpit and cries “foul – nothing to see here” as he defends the corruption of the people he wants assisting him to run the country. Bill Richardson was forced to withdraw from his nominated post before Obama even took office. There was a tax scandal surrounding Tim Geithner during his nomination, but Obama managed to push his nomination through the Senate. Now in a matter of a few hours Obama administration nominees Nancy Killefer resigned her nomination and now fellow nominee Tom Daschle has also resigned his nomination. That is not a great start for a political administration out to clean up dirty politics. It seems many of his choices are above paying their taxes – unlike the rest of America. Even worse is the fact that the Messiah defended the individuals when their corruption was exposed. I think QCExaminer put it well when she asked how was Obama going to cleanup politics? He has never done anything to cleanup the corruption in Chicago or Springfield politics. He has never done anything to cleanup the State of Illinois politics and he certainly never was part of any movement to cleanup politics at the Federal level. In fact the only political cleaning Obama was a part of – was making campaign promises to clean up Washington DC politics if he was elected President. And the early stages of his change and hope administration is anything but change and hope. They are more like politics as usual. Promise the voters whatever you have to and get elected and then promote political friends to important government jobs and contracts that owe you political favors. Now that is typical Illinois Politics. And Barack Obama is a typical Illinois politician. And no longer than he has been in office, he has already proven his “good old boy” political characteristics. How could he have been anything else? His political career was grown and nurtured in the dirty politics of Chicago and Illinois. His associates included Richard Daley, Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich. Obama’s mentor was State of Illinois Senator Emil Jones, whom was the strong arm that pushed Blagojevich’s policies through the Illinois Congress. Face it America you bought in to the Obama shtick and fell for his phony messages.


  1. Thanks for the mention!

    I got to thinking about the campaign, when Obama would always dismiss those who criticized his lack of experience by saying he had great judgment. What a joke! I think what he meant is that he had the ability to charm his way out of any problem.

    People have been noticing his “judgment” problems; two weeks ago when he was inaugurated, his approval rating was about 83%, the last figure I saw had his AR at the mid-fifties.

    I’ve heard there is problem with his proposed Secretary of Labor—-grab the popcorn!

  2. Yeah I was shocked to see an ABC news station actually criticize his selections. Is the druggy Obama high starting to wear off for the news corporations?

  3. Here’s where to check out who is “in the money” as an Obama apointee:
    Current DEPS Sponsors (i.e. “Directed Energy Professional Society” corporations)
    Gold Sponsors
    • Applied Energetics
    • Boeing – Integrated Defense Systems
    • Lockheed Martin
    • Northrop Grumman
    • Raytheon
    • Textron Systems Corporation
    Silver Sponsors
    • BAE Systems
    • MZA Associates Corporation
    • Nutronics
    • the Optical Sciences Company
    • Schafer Corporation
    • Science Applications International Corp.
    Sustaining Sponsors
    • Brashear, a Division of L-3 Communications
    • IPG Photonics Corporation
    • Advanced Energy Systems
    • The AEgis Technologies Group
    • Communications & Power Industries, Inc.
    • CSA Engineering Corporation
    • Directed Energy Solutions
    • EM4 Defense
    • Georgia Tech Research Institute
    • Laserline, Inc.
    • Penn State Electro-Optics Center
    • SEO Precision, Inc.
    Founding Sponsors

    We thank our founding sponsors for their help in making DEPS a reality.
    Gold Level Founding Sponsors
    • Boeing – Integrated Defense Systems
    • Lockheed Martin
    • Raytheon
    • TRW
    Silver Level Founding Sponsors
    • Applied Research Associates, Inc.
    • MZA Associates Corporation
    • BAE Systems
    • the Optical Sciences Company
    • SVS
    • Schafer Corporation
    Founding Sponsors
    • The University of New Mexico

  4. That is an interesting list you posted. Following the money trails in government usually leads to questions surrounding legislation and legislators.

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