Posted by: thescoundrel | February 3, 2009

Pork – Opium of the Voter

Some members of Congress have created a list of what they consider waste/pork in the Senate Stimulus Package. I do not agree that everything on the list is probably pork. But there is a great deal of it that makes you scratch your head and say “!!HUH!!” about why and where they have allocated the stimulus package money. In first place, I thought this was an “economy stimulus bill” not an increase government waste legislation. Please get real – $2 billion to restart a pork project that has already been deemed inefficient, $246 million to film producers, $248 million to furnish one building, $88 million to renovate one building? Many of the projects listed remind me more of legislative self-interest than something designed to stimulate the economy. It seems that during the “agent of 😆 change”, Pope Obama’s, reign -the Congress will still be “business as usual”- working hard to earn those coveted Golden Fleece Awards. The problem, as always with any legislation, is one legislators idea of Pork is another legislators idea of securing votes and graft. The worshiping of Legislative Pork Packages and those legislators that promote the Pork has become a narcotic crutch that leaves States, Institutions and the voters alike, all huddled up junkies screaming for more of the magic Pork elixir! Even our local news media have gotten addicted to the opium qualities of Pork. During January, QCOnline ran a succession of stories exulting Illinois Congresspuppet Philobluster Hare for his ability to secure Pork for the region. In one story they proudly claimed out loud: “count us among those who believe that a critical role for your local congressman is to ensure that you get a fair return on your tax dollars sent to Washington.” Oink-Oink-Oink!!! They are saying–> Philobluster, push your way into that Washington feeding trough and you have bought our votes, our support and our very souls!  In another story they were seemingly swaggering how an Obama Presidency should help Philobluster secure even more Pork. Yet despite all Philobluster’s Pork Gluttony as he feeds from the slop bucket, the QC still struggles to survive as we endure a dwindling manufacturing base that helped has put us on the Poverty Watch list. You want growth –create real jobs– don’t shoot our veins full of opiates like Pork. Yet like all good drug pushers promising to delude your mind with their product, Philobluster and the current leadership want to drag this community, this State and the rest of the nation into a reliance on that next drug-induced euphoria from that next warm shot of pork running though their veins. A properly drugged-up society/voter keeps them feeding from the same hog trough filled with just enough opium to keep them hooked. That helps keep the same drug pushers in business and living large!



  1. Bravo S—well said!

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