Posted by: thescoundrel | February 4, 2009

Blago Circus Performs on the Letterman Show

Prior to being impeached by the Illinois legislature, former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich took his Big Top Political Circus of singing, dancing and performing his I-am-innocent act before numerous media outlets. Reminiscent of Richard Nixon’s defensive claims, “I am not a crook” Blago continued to proclaim his innocence througout the impeachment process and beyond claiming that  “he is going to clear his name.” His most recent appearance was with David Letterman where his misunderstood clown act was put to the test by Letterman barbs about his situation. When questioned by Letterman – Blago continued his media crusade to rally support of his asserted innocence. In typical Blago manner – Blago quipped he was just misunderstood and that he was looking for work then asked Letterman if he was hiring. LOL. Sorry Rod, but no matter how many media events you take you Big Top Circus to, people ain’t gonna buy your poor little misunderstood political clown-show. Now I do admit that you were probably facing a kangaroo court. And many of those legislators screaming off with Blago’s head were probably knee deep in the same or similar dubious dealings that they voted you out of office for. It is the Illinois way for politicians to be rolling in political hog manure. The way I see it you can start naming names, times and places that will reduce any conviction you are facing and maybe they will toss in a new name, new job and a new place to live (my guess is that you will probably need them all to avoid becoming the foundation for some Illinois Highway project, if you spill your guts) or you can sit tight and hope to beat the rap. That did not work so well for Tony Rezko. So he started singing like a bird and you got caught with your fingers in the pie. Good luck on those choices Roddy.

From the Chicago Tribune, John Kass lists ten possible career changes for former Governor Rod Blagojevich.



  1. The Kass column was a classic!

    I’d say Blago would have a very bright future as either a game show host ( Effin Golden Deal, Name My Price, Sing Like A Bird, etc.) or, since he’s a lawyer, maybe he could get one of those TV judge gigs—Judge Blago lays down justice on The Chicago Way.

    I know I’d watch! 😀

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