Posted by: thescoundrel | February 5, 2009

Embracing Stagnancy – Seeking to Repeal the 22nd Amendment

A few years back members of the Republican Part sought to capitalize off the popularity of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger by trying to create legislature to amend the constitution to allow foreign-born citizens to become the President of the United States. I was adamantly against the idea and found myself in conflict with some of my conservative associates. The idea has never gained traction and I am glad because I still am firmly against that idea. I think it reeks of New World Order Globalism. And I am not comfortable with someone that could still have emotional and physical divided loyalties, making the decisions a President of the United States must make.

Now we have individuals from the Democrat Party  trying to repeal the twenty-second amendment that legally limits a President to two four year terms or ten years if he has replaced a sitting President. I am not going to speculate why, though over on the Hot Air blog they speculate it revolves around Obama mania. It sounds plausible. Like the drafting Schwarzenegger movement it is an idea I hope just spins its wheels. Eight-to-Ten years of any President is more than enough. Any longer reeks of monarchy and stagnancy.  After that it is time to move on with new ideas and directions. In fact it is my personal opinion that we should enact similar term limits upon Senators and Congressmen.

No politician should hold any one level of office more than eight years. Their only political option after that should be the office of President. Otherwise it is time for them to return to the private sector. The longer any politician stays in office, the more entrenched the special interest groups and good old boy connections can take deep roots in the pockets and infect our graft/kickback loving politicians.

Okay time to break out some–>  Ice Cold Mountain Dew , a Package of Peanuts and a Banana Moon Pie –  then life is good!

h/t  Conservative Revolution



  1. If I remember correctly, back in the ’90s when Clinton was POTUS, there was this same drive to repeal the 22nd. Back then I figured since there had been so few Dem POTUSes, this was the only way they could game the system to keep them in power.

    So when I saw this renewed effort to repeal the 22nd, I had exactly the same reaction you did—-it’s moving in the wrong direction; we need term limits for EVERYBODY, not just POTUS.


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