Posted by: thescoundrel | February 5, 2009

Obama Lied – Obama Lied – Obama Lied

As President Obama and his attack dog Nancy Pelosi use political fear tactics to push the Obama stimulus plan and cabinet selections, it seems Capitol Hill is being overwhelmed with Voter phone calls and emails denouncing the pork fat laden stimulus legislation and Obama’s continuing selection and heavily campaigning for accepting of administration cabinet members abundant with legal issues. I guess if you consider the heavy-handed way Obama and Pelosi have been pushing his bloated stimulus plan ($240+ million dedicated to fatcat Hollywood filmmakers is going to help Joe and Jane Average Citizen feed their kids? I think not!) and trying smash mouth tactics to get his law breaking political buddies -jobs in his administration– you can say the Messiah Barack Obama Lied about how his presidency was to be one full of hope and change due to his dedication to bipartisanship and transparent integrity that would clean up Washington dirty politics. So I will.

!Obama Lied – Obama Lied – Obama Lied!



  1. Considering the public outcry over the Pelosi/Obama pork-a-thon and the steep drop in his approval ratings, it seems many more of the duped rubes are getting your message!

  2. Who’d a thunk we’d ever see Mr. Krauthammer and now the Scoundrel ever whine about the use of fear in politics. I guess fear is only appropriate when it comes to justifying torture, eavesdropping and removing your shoes at the airport.

  3. I ain’t whining pioneer. I am laughing. 🙂 I suppose I could have put one of those little smilies inside the post but I chose to just click the humor button under tags. I guess that is one of the shortcomings of communication on the Internet. Still I find it overwhelmingly hilarious that Obama and his disciples whom whined and moaned about Bush and fear mongering are now using the same tactics. The hypocrisy is funny.

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