Posted by: thescoundrel | February 6, 2009

0’s Stimulus Package- Government Spending Gone Wild

According to a CNN article support for Obama’s economic stimulus plan has slipped but that is normal for legislation after it has been unveiled. Obama along with his attack dogs, Reid and Pelosi, have been very busy trying to create enough fear among legislators and the public to push the package through Congress. Thanks to the fear mongering by Obama, Reid and Pelosi the package is still slightly ahead in the polls. I can understand that. I am not a big supporter of the Stimulus Package but I am one of those people that could be classified as for a package in the polls as long as I thought it was just that – an economic stimulus package. But the more I read about it the more it becomes clear this is not as much a stimulus package as it is a government gone wild spending package.  As I stated in my previous post there is no wonder Obama is pushing so hard for it to pass quickly.  He almost has to if it passes and keeps public approval ratings. Why? Because the more the package is examined – the easier it is to see all the pork and earmarks for the various friends and associates of those that wrote the package. Obama is spending a lot of time whining and crying about those legislators trying to look the package over instead of just rubber stamping his pet legislation. That is a huge-huge-huge- Red Flag as far as I am concerned. He knows there is plenty of pork in the legislation that needs cutting.  The sad part is that if he and those responsible for creating the legislation had just done what they had set out to do – create an economic stimulus package – it would have probably passed easy. The last stimulus package was proof that there is a majority of legislators in both parties wanting this to happen. But as I said long before Obama and the Democrats took power over all three branches of government- when it comes to corruption it does not matter who is in power, corruption thrives among the legislation. And this legislation is just that a corrupt piece of legislation wrapped up in  a pretty package and topped off curling ribbons. But once you open the package all you have left is government gone wild spending.



  1. What’s depressing is that this “stimulus” is only the beginning.

    We’ve already had the disasterous TARPI and will probably have TARPII; then there’s the automakers bailout so the union members can keep their good paying jobs financed by taxpayers; then there will be the homeowner’s mortgage bailout for those who thought they could qualify for a mortgage without a job.

    We are looking at multi-TRILLION dollars in taxpayer financed largess over the coming year. Bush broke the piggy bank with TARP and now it’s the Democrats who will be going hog-wild!

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