Posted by: thescoundrel | February 6, 2009

Obama Plays Hardball With Stimulus Package

According to a CNN article President Barack Obama is turning up the heat to get his pork fat laden stimulus package passed. Bam! (This Bam! is included for all those Chef Emeril Lagasse fans having to endure the US Federal Governments shameful abuse of the real significance of actual pork fat and its expressions!) The government legislators can tell you to lay off the pork fat,  but they slather the pork fat all over any power play legislation that will line their pockets and those of their friends. Is the current Obama hardballing and fear mongering any surprise considering that the longer the stimulus package is looked over – the more earmarks and government waste is found buried in this so-called stimulus package? Gee Whiz Ma, didn’t that Obama feller promise the voters that he would put an end to government waste and abuse included in legislation. Gee Whiz Ma, I guess you could say that Obama Lied-Obama Lied-Obama Lied! Yet according to a Michelle Malkin article Democrat Senate Leader, Hairy Reid, thinks he has at least two Republicans on board for this Obama stimulus package that looks like another Golden Fleece Award Winner. What is worse is that it looks like Obama has once again conspired with fellow Democrats to hide secret funds inside the stimulus package aimed at funneling money to ACORN. It seems that Obama and the Democrat majority cannot build legislation without attempting to sneak money to his cronies at ACORN. In the first stimulus package they attempted to direct over $100 million towards ACORN. In referring to this current stimulus package, I have read that there is over five billion dollars that could wind up in the hands of ACORN. This is the same ACORN that has come under legal fire almost constantly for its abusive election tactics. This is the same ACORN that has long and and strong ties to current US President Barack Obama. Factoring in the ACORN tactics, their connections to the media selected messianic Obama and Obama’s continued attempts to funnel money to their organizations –it becomes obvious- that ACORN has become Obama’s personal political propaganda army out to force-feed Obama’s socialist vision, built using socialist revolution tactics taught by Alinsky, upon the citizens of the US. And worse yet – Obama expects for the freedom loving citizens of the United States to pay for his socialist revolution with our own money.



  1. BHO is thinking ahead that he will need ACORN funded and equipped when the moment comes to complete his night of the long knives.

  2. So much for reaching accross the table to the GOP. If it’s such a good deal why don’t the Democrats just pass it? They have the majority of the votes.

  3. I agree with cruiser. If this stimulus bill is such a great thing, the Democrats can round up a couple of RINOs (Snowe, Collins, Specter, etc.) and get the thing passed.

    The way it looks to me is that Democrats are redefining “bipartisan” as bend-over-and-grab-your-ankles-for-Barry.

    I’m so tired of all the fearmongering—the Dems ought to pass it and STFU.

  4. […] About Obama Plays Hardball With Stimulus Package […]

  5. I agree. The legislators in both parties want this package to happen as bad as Obama. And if Obama and his minions had created what they set out to create -an economic stimulus package- it would have passed easily. They got greedy just like every other legislature does when in power. They filled it full of items and expenditures that do not belong in the package. For the far left wingers of the Democrat legislators it will not be a hard sell to their voters. But for the more moderate and the Republicans the sell will be tougher since their supporters are more suspicious of the packages contents.

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