Posted by: thescoundrel | February 9, 2009

Politics as Usual as Obama Plays Fiddle

I am not a big fan of the current economic stimulus bill as can be verified by reading my previous posts on the subject. I think the bill is overloaded with pork and legislation that is all about good old boy government, everything his Holiness Barack Obama campaigned against. According to some Republicans in the Congress, the current stimulus bill will lead to disaster. They could be right. They could be wrong. I actually think that there is some good direction inside the bill, if you could push aside the pork. Which is the saddest part – Obama loaded this bill down with so much pork and political favors, it could destroy any real effectiveness it might have had. In that mode it fits right in line with current political operations. The design and promotion of the bill has given both Democrat and Republican politicians reasons to point his or her finger at each other and cry foul, you are impeding the progress of fixing the economy. Which in fact is what insider power brokers of the Democrat and Republican politicians wanted in the first place. This bill is now all about a power struggle between the two parties. And both parties hope to use the legislation to flame the fires of their followers. Neither side is as interested in fixing the economy as they are fighting for their fifteen minutes of political fame, power and glory. So while Rome is burning – Obama chose to play his partisan political fiddle with his economic stimulus package. And instead of performing his promise of Change and Hope, the media selected messiah –> Barack Obama played “politics as usual” in Washington DC.


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