Posted by: thescoundrel | February 13, 2009

Blind Obedience to the New Pope

The House is voting on the 1000 page stimulus bill. The 787 billion dollar 1000 page bill, which is overloaded with pork and political payoffs, is being voted on without any of the Congress members even taking  the time to read the complete legislation. 😆 New President, Democrat controlled House and Senate –> same old politics. How many times did I hear complaints that Congress was blinded by George Bush on the Iraq War vote because Congress did not bother to read the long version of his intelligence information! Now we see the same Blind Obedience to the holy one’s, Pope Barack Obama, wishes for passage of his Porky Economic Stimulus bill. Sorry Folks – No agent of change in the White House and No Agents of Change in the Congress. Just more of the same tired old political pandering, pushing and shoving at the expense of the citizens of this country. Maybe you should all try some new Obama mantras. Perhaps that will help sooth the knowledge you elected the same batches 0f crooks that was already busy screwing up this country.



  1. Whose fault is it that the repubs chose not to take the time to read it? It’s their job to pass legislation and that means actually reading it. I know they haven’t done much of that during the last 8 years. They instead chose to spend their time grandstanding in front of the tv cameras. It’s just more political theatrics from the desperate gop as they’re circling the drain to obscurity.

  2. “Whose fault is it that the repubs chose not to take the time to read it?”

    NOBODY read the whole thing… Pelosi rushed the bill to be voted, and NOBODY read it as a result!

  3. Let’s see, Bush in office, Dems control Congress, everything Bush’s fault. Obama in office, Dems control Congress, everything Repubs fault. These guys are spending 787 billion without reading. They should be sued for gross negligence.

  4. Obama ran on a platform of change, transparency and cleaning up Washington politics. He has yet to prove he meant any of those campaign promises. So far he has performed his job just like any other partisan President, has bullied legislation through that was not given to legislators or the public for examination and has done absolutely nothing as far as taking even a tiny step towards cleaning up Washington politics. In fact instead of cleaning – so far he has mimicked partisan politics at every move.

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