Posted by: thescoundrel | February 13, 2009

Obama Reinventing the Bully Pulpit

The other day I was listening to the newscasters spouting their normal rhetoric that Obama was using his Bully Pulpit of the White House -which is basically the ability to stampede the various media outlets- where he could reach out to the public for support for his economic stimulus bill. However under the Obama Administration we are now seeing a newer form of the Bully Pulpit. Obama is attempting to drive his Bully Pulpit stampede with the newest media technology and format that helped get him elected – the Internet. Obama just bypassed the normal media outlets, which fawn all over him, to go direct to the public. Using the Internet to promote his Messianic False Prophet messages should be a strong Bully Pulpit for Obama as his discipleship is large in that media format. At Obama’s first televised press conference he snubbed some  of the more traditional journalists during the question segment –> by instead taking questions from Internet media sources. It is a form of media that his main opposition in the Republican Party is still spinning their wheels trying to play catch-up with understanding its usage. The Republican Party is already losing the media battle in print and television. The Democrat party is doing their best to find a way to censor Conservative Radio Talk Show hosts – the only media that Conservatives and Republicans still dominate- through efforts such as reinventing the fairness doctrine. However, in the modern media world if political parties want to compete – they would do well to learn from Obama’s manipulation of the Internet as the new and powerful Bully Pulpit.

Another interesting opinion on the Obama economic stimulus package at the following link:    The $13 a week stimulus.  (I also love the picture accompanying the post.)



  1. Rumor has it this bill will cost over $3 trillion when everything is added up. Over $9oo billion was slated to make the federal fleet all hybrids. How is anybody getting away with saying this is a $700 billion stimulus? And if they do away with conservative talk radio, there won’t be any talk radio left.

  2. And the worst part is they are voting yes on this bill without even reading the content.

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