Posted by: thescoundrel | February 15, 2009

Rod Blagojevich Scandal Still Shadows Over Roland Burris

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was Internet surfing during night-night time early Sunday morning. QCOnline, my local newspaper/Internet provider, had a story about Republicans wanting an investigation into possible misconduct revolving the selection of Roland Burris as Senator to replace Barack Obama. Now I do not think either Party is really interested if there was any actual misconduct involved between Blago and Burris. I personally believe it is more about the continuation of the Bipartisan Bickering that the Democrat and Republican Parties use to beat up on each other’s image. And though I know neither party is as interested in solving the issues this country faces as they are in embarrassing the other party – guys you probably got the best there was to offer in Roland Burris. Heck Burris is certainly more capable than the individual he is replacing in Barack Obama. And he is probably a lot more politically unsoiled than Obama was/is. Is he political pure? Please this is Illinois! Do not expect to find any innocent like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington among Illinois politicians. Just hope you go someone more like  Chauncey Gardiner – instead of our usual real-life Al Capone wannabe Illinois Politicians.

And on an Obama note – it is no secret I think he was the worst choice available out of all the POTUS alternatives. Heck even politically hapless Jesse Ventura would have made a better choice for POTUS than Obama. And I plan on using any soapbox available to continue my political jabs at Obama and his presidency. I also plan to continue offering up links to those sites that lampoon him with political cartoons. Still Quad City Examiner made an excellent observation a while back – when she suggested that Obama was becoming the most over-marketed politician/celebrity in history. It is an acceptable action to lampoon a politician over their politics. Still I feel that there are times when using anyone’s image for marketing purposes that scream – tasteless. Such was the case when I was reading the Burris story I just commented on. After following the link to the story – one of the advertisements on the page was for an insurance company. Nothing wrong with that- you gotta pay the bills. But the advertisement included a goofy looking dancing-Barack-Obama image – that was little more than cheap exploitation of his image. Presidents are fair game of political punditry. Political punditry is part of the essence of free speech. But that insurance advertisement was simply using Obama’s image for commercial exploitation. The advertisement was out of place and inappropriate with regard toward the office of the president.



  1. Thanks for the mention S!

    The GOP is so weakened in IL (and the USA, for that matter) I’m not sure they will be able to get and independent investigation or not.

    This could be a move on the part of the GOP to finally bring truth, justice and The American Way to Illinois, but even if it’s just more petty partisan politics, so what?

    If there’s one thing we need in Illinois politics it’s diversity—and I don’t mean racial, gender or sexual diversity, I mean political diversity!

    Let’s hope Burris paves the way for a duly ELECTED GOP US Senator.

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