Posted by: thescoundrel | February 17, 2009

Dispatch/Argus Says No Dissent Allowed

An editorial article on QCOnline was championing a movement in Iowa that is similar to an Illinois movement to change electoral voting laws. Under the proposal instead of the States electoral votes being totalled for the presidential winner of the States popular vote – the electoral voters would go instead to the overall winner of the popular vote in all the states. Every since the rarity where GW Bush won the election by electoral votes; all the Chicken Littles have been trying to do away with the electoral college system. This is just the latest version of the attack. One of the biggest clamors from the electoral win was everybody’s vote was disenfranchised. Well this latest scheme is just one huge disenfranchisement. What the legislation does is take away the control of voting from the people of each state. It would no longer matter whom the voters in your state voted for unless a majority of people in the country voted for that person. It takes away the right of individual and state dissension .  It would no longer matter if you believe a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian or any possible third party candidate should win, because the law will strip away your vote unless you voted for the most popular candidate nationwide. My momma taught me a longtime ago just because everyone else thinks it is a cool idea to jump off a bridge – it does not mean you have to follow their insanity. Evidently some or all of  the editorial  staff of the Moline Dispatch/RI Argus/Quad City Online feel just the opposite. They are evidently  in the belief that —>No dissent is allowed.

Meanwhile, Prezzy Obama is set to sign his Porky the Pig economic stimulus bill legislation today. It is such a stinky bill even Democrat Cheerleader Jack Cafferty called it – a sorry spectacle. That is probably him just being nice in describing the legislation. I can think of far more descriptive words – I just won’t say them in public.

In more important news–> when visiting our fine state of Illinois please to remember our city fathers have spent a great deal of time debatiing and passing city laws – please familarize yourself with these laws so as to avoid fines and/or jail time.

When Visiting–>


Please remember it is illegal to pee in your neighbors mouth. (How did this get past the ACLU?)


It is illegal to fish when you are sitting on a Giraffes neck

It is illegal to eat in a burning building. (Sounds like good advise)

It is illegal to give a dog whiskey. (Sounds like more good advise)


Jostling others is illegal. (Possibly dangerous depending on whom you jostled.)

It is illegal to burn bird feathers. (So much for plucking chickens)

Also there is a $1000 fine for beating rats with a baseball bat. (Somebody better inform the pest control agencies.)


On a more local nature – it is illegal to ice skate on Moline’s Riverside Park during the months of June through August. (If you can ice skate on Riverside Park during the months of June through August- you can probably start your own religion.)

These and more fine city laws in Illinois can be found at this link.



  1. I almost never come over here because I’m already the antagonist on enough blogs, but I thought I might actually agree with you on the electoral college thing, and I was right.

    If each state’s electoral votes were given to the winner of the national popular vote, someone could theoretically win a state without a single vote. That’s clearly not right. Also, those of us in states without a large population would never again see a Presidential candidate campaign in our area.

    Of course, people could make the argument that with the current system, candidates have no reason to go to non-swing states like California or Utah, whereas under the other system people would campaign in California, but still not Utah.

  2. QCI, I do not think there is such a thing as a perfect voting system. I am a mostly conservative individual when it comes to issues. Still it would bother me if a conservative candidate from either party won the nationwide popular vote but lost the State of Illinois to a more liberal candidate and those votes were tallied to the winner of the nationwide popular vote. It is just wrong. The idea behind the State concept is so that each State can have a sense of independence from the rest of the states. This idea kills any independent thought from states and voters. This idea says do not bother to vote because unless your state thinks like the majority of other states your vote does not really count! I think it hurts third party candidates the worst. It will in effect be a death knell for any third party revival. Plus it also puts too much say in the election in the hands of big cities like Chicago. Look at all the problems we have had with Governors here in Illinois. Why? Because they all owe their political careers to Chicago. Except under this plan the nation will be placing the whole country under the rule of a handful of big cities. It will also virtually kill off any use politicians will have for the rights of small states. Why bother politicking or even listening to the voices of Iowa when Chicago votes will more than out weigh the whole state of Iowa. It is a bad plan concocted to fix an anomaly that will also silence independent thought and action.

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