Posted by: thescoundrel | February 18, 2009

Child Rape Okay with Hollywood

Escaped criminal Roman Polanski has been avoiding justice for over thirty years. Polanski was charged with the drugging and rape of a thirteen year old girl. He fled the country to avoid justice. Polanski has had a lot of support in avoiding that justice from the Hollywood Community during the time period.  With Hollywood it is “circle the wagons” time when one of their hollyweird insiders gets in trouble with the law. A quote on CNN from actress Anjelica Huston, whom was in the house at the time Polanski raped the young girl went: “I don’t think he’s a bad man – I think he’s an unhappy man.” I guess in Hollywood being unhappy excuses you when you break the law  – even when you rape a child. Hollywood has even went as far as trying to demonize those that would bring Polanski to justice for his crimes in a movie released by  HBO. Evidently child rape is a perfectly fine practice with Hollywood insiders. Polanski’s lawyers just lost another round in court when they were told there would be no reconsideration of his trial unless he showed up in the US. Rightfully so. Nor should he be excused for his crimes. I have said before Polanski should face extended time in jail for his original crime and the fact that he fled the country to avoid justice. Those companies and individuals in Hollywood protecting the man and still doing business with the man should be fined and have their assets frozen until Polanski is jailed for his crimes.


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  2. Good lord, I can’t believe that skeezy perv is still on the loose!

  3. If the Hollyweirdo crowd can pull it off – he will get away free as a bird. Those in the entertainment industry seem to like being associated with perverts.

  4. I agree. He raped a child, what is wrong with those people defending him? There is no controversy here. He’s a child rapist, a pedophile, and he should be removed from society, and from other children.

  5. I agree – it makes no sense that anyone could read the Polanski grand jury transcript and feel any remorse for this guy having to face the court systems. Whatever sentence he gets will not be enough to actually punish the man for his crime.

  6. How can we expect children to have self-esteem and still say it is okay for someone to drug and rape a thirteen year old girl? Roman Polanski should not get away with his crime. What is wrong with some Hollywood people to say it is okay because Polanski makes great movies? Maybe Hitler painted some nice pictures, but that doesn’t excuse what he did either.

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