Posted by: thescoundrel | February 19, 2009

Eric Holder Thinks America is a Nation of Cowards

According to a CNN article quoting Barack Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder – America is a nation of cowards when it comes to race relations. Holder went on to suggest that while he thought racial lines in America was melding in the workplace – outside the 9-5 environment – our after-hours (before I get a wisecrack email – no – I am not talking about the escort service in Davenport) reindeer games stayed mutually segregated. Like any true politician, the context of Holder’s quotes was pliable enough to be deciphered in whatever manner a listener chose to translate the message. I do think the coward word is going to cause him some misery. I would have also preferred to read some specifics from Holder that could have been used in debate. Sadly his own inability to express specifics suggests that Holder should take his own advice. Don’t pussyfoot and hint at problems – challenge the nation with your ideas so real debate can come forth. If he is suggesting that Black and Whites both have trouble socializing and playing together – I agree. I have commented before that I think the nation is still challenged by many racial divides. I have walked into recreational and social gathering locations with friends where my red-carpeted WASP face was probably the only one in the joints. And there have been a few times where I dragged black friends into redneck crowds where they were uncomfortable. During those times I know that there were those in the locations that were not happy with the integrated socializing. The divides can also be seen in interaction on the Internet. During the recent presidential campaign I lost track of the times I was accused of racism for my rants on Obama. Yet the only racism contained in my rants was that perceived by those still hoping to keep the racial divides for political and personal ego/gains. In fact most of my attacks on Obama were associated with his connections to white politicians and criminals like Richard Daley, Rod Blagojevich, Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers. It had nothing to do with his race but with his far left wing connections. And in all fairness to Barack Obama- my guess is that his vote totals would have been much greater had it not been for a huge amount of underlying racial bigotry inside the Democrat Party. I know of a lot of WASPs that normally punch a straight Democrat ticket in the Quad Cities and other places that sat this election out because of Obama’s skin color. I also personally knew several individuals and read statements from others that suggested a lot of Black & White Americans voted for Obama -not because they thought he was the best person for the job- but because he was a black man. Holder is right in that we still have got a long way to go in learning how to overcome racial divides when we are playing reindeer games and living life in general.



  1. After reading Holder’s entire speech, I’ve come to the conclusion that our AG is a certified moonbat.

    He attacks shopping malls as “race-protected cocoons”. Huh? I’m not a shopper, but the times I’ve been to the local malls, I’d say the shoppers were a diverse group. I wonder what malls Holder goes to—the ones that only have high-end chi-chi stores like Sachs, Hermes, etc.

    He then goes on to say the Justice Department has a “special responsiblity” to see that we “talk” more about race. Oh great, now it will be illegal NOT to yammer on about this beat-to-death topic.

    But you are so right that as it stands now, “talking” about race means being lectured by liberals about how unenlightened, bigoted and racist those of us are who don’t march in lockstep with their ideology.

    Personally, I consider it a badge of honor to be called a “racist” and “bigot” by these dimwitted moonbats.

  2. Moonbat –> Politician –> the words are synonymous. 😉

  3. Holder is an idiot, but he is also in this instance right. Political correctness has most Americans by the throat. People are fearful to speak the truth of their feelings, because so quickly many claim ‘foul’. It may be a ‘badge of honor, but wouldn’t it be better if that phase could be bypassed & intelligent differences discussed straightaway?

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