Posted by: thescoundrel | February 20, 2009

Communication Technology is The Winds of Survival

John McCain’s daughter –Meghan McCain- has just spanked the Republican Party with the facts of life. It is something I have been saying to all conservative minded people for several years–> If you want to survive as a political force to be reckoned with, and not become just some minor player in the political arena, then conservatives must learn how to use modern technology such as the Internet/other modern communication systems as tools to reach out to all Americans of all ages. Modern technology and its manipulation to get his message out – was the driving force in the 2008 elections that allowed Barack Obama to become the False Prophet of change and hope. It was Obama’s manipulation of modern communication to spread his False Prophet messages that allowed him to beat first Hillary Clinton and then John McCain. I know I harp on this a lot! But communication technology is the modern winds that carry the seeds of messages to the fertile grounds for sowing and development. Learning how to use communication technology to spread your message is the modern law of survival–> the fittest become the predators choking out the weaker species/messages by taking root and claiming the fertile ground for future generations of their seed to be nurtured in.



  1. It does seem to be that way, but I get newsletters from my Republican Senator and a Republican State Representative. So at least they let us know what’s going on in Des Moines.

  2. I think too many of us that are used to getting our information from standard media sources often forget technology leaves those behind that do not embrace it. And not just the Internet. New technology is happening all around us all the time. Look at the HDTV hoopla.

  3. While I’m in no position to lecture others about being tech savvy, I do agree with Ms. McCain that the GOP needs to step up it’s game in the tech field.

    But I take exception to Ms. McCain’s claim that “lack of online savvy greatly contributed to her father’s defeat last November.”

    The problem is that those who use the new technology most tend to be younger, and younger people always vote Democrat anyway.

    But aside from that, in my view McCain went down because he ran a terrible campaign and is a balding, grumpy old RINO, not because his party was ignorant of those internets tubes thingees.

  4. I think the defeat can be heavily attributed to lack of Internet savvy. His campaign tactics were bad – but his lack of tech was the death kneel. He did not have to win all the Internet travelers just enough to make up the difference between him and Obama. And since many Democrats sat home rather than vote for a Republican or a Black man those small percentages needed of tech-savvy voters becomes smaller.

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