Posted by: thescoundrel | February 21, 2009

Obama Ethics Held Hostage by Reality

Ethics and transparent ethical Washington DC leadership. That was one of the fundamental themes of the media driven Barack Obama elect-me-president campaign. He claimed he had ‘em and that most everyone else in Washington didn’t. Well I ain’t gonna argue with the point that most everyone in Washington DC politics lacks ethics. But I am afraid I would have to include messiah-wannabe Obama in that lack of ethics list. It is early but so far during his presidency, the translation of ethical government practice has changed with the wind. According to the dictionary if one is ethical they prescribe to the principles of accepted moral conduct. Okay what we are really saying is that ethical/ethics is a wishy-washy word similar to truth – in that it is defined by individual perception – which means you can pretty much create your own meaning as to what establishes ethical practice. Which is probably a good thing for the Obama disciples. Considering the Obama presidency has not looked all that different to the Bush presidency when it comes to comparing his actions as President to the pretty pictures of anticipated ethical behaviors painted of his future administration by Obama during his campaign. So far differences with Bush – are minimal at best – if any differences actually exist. The latest head scratching “huh” moment must have come for the Obama disciples during the Hillary Clinton hug-fest with Communist China. Her statement -badly worded even giving her the benefit of doubt- that the US concerns over human rights in China Human “cannot interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crises” as the US pursues closer bonds with Communist China. Translation – North Korea is still a problem and China holds the leash plus Obama just committed to trillions of dollars in spending and China will have to do their part by financing much of that US expenditures. Global warming was just a toss in phrase for the Obama-drooling leftwing activists as everyone knows global warming is not high on China’s priority list. So the US government monetary needs outweighs any atrocities Communist China is responsible for on its citizens. The Obama/Clinton policy statement already has some activists groups unhappy. My guess is that many of the dissidents in China were also probably expecting a more “ethical” direction by an Obama administration. Oops! So it seems that though Obama campaigns and speechifies a good game of ethics – when it comes down to choosing between ethics or the pursuit of personal agendas – in the Obama administration political ethics are still held hostage by the reality of survival. It is a good thing for the Obama mesmerized that “ethics” is one of those words you can adapt the meaning of: I am sure they are spinning that definition in theri minds as we speak. New President – Washington DC politics as usual – still no “agent of change” in sight.



  1. Pretty bitter pill to swallow.. but alas you made some painfully valid points..

  2. Sec. Clinton seems to have made clear Mr. Obama’s foreign policy theory: human rights will be ignored if they seem to “get in the way” of economics. The statement by Minister Yang was blunt: “China is willing to conduct the dialogues with the U.S. to push forward the human rights situation on the premise of mutual respect and noninterference in each other’s internal affairs.” In the Chinese political vernacular, noninterference in our “internal affairs” means simply that the US is not to voice any opinions about what China does to its own people. I am dismayed that Sec. Clinton is willing to accept that.

  3. It is the great pendulum..and now it is swinging the other way.


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