Posted by: thescoundrel | February 21, 2009

War on Terror Directional Beacons

The past and future of the war on terror recently saw some directional guidance beacons posted along its pathway.

Ari Fleischer admitted–> that in retrospect that Iraq did not have the WMD capabilities that the Bush administration thought it did. Of course as is always the case – hindsight usually has 20/20 vision. Personally I never cared if they found WMD’s or not. Most of the world thought Iraq had WMD capability – including most of the USA government. Saddam Hussein wanted the World to think he had WMD’s and did a very good job of selling the idea to everyone. My philosophy is – if someone tells me that they are pointing a loaded weapon at me – I will believe them until I can prove it one way or the other. Saddam Hussein was not going to let us prove it one way or the other because he wanted everyone to think that he was armed to the teeth with WMD’s. When possible, it is far better to remove the threat than live in worry and possible danger. You do not wait around to see if your opponent’s gun is loaded or not. The only way we were ever going to know the facts on whether Iraq was pointing a loaded WMD gun was to do what we did – remove Saddam Hussein and his sons from power.

In another story relating to the war on terror – the Pentagon released it’s study on the treatment of prisoners of the war on terror being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. According to the study the prisoners are being treated humanely. In fact–> I feel they are probably better off than if they were returned to the war zone. At least with their current location, they are safe from the bombs, bullets, squalor and famine that accompany war torn regions. And as long as they are being detained at GITMO, they offer less threat to our troops than they do back in the war zones. And they get far better treatment than any individual –military or civilian- captured by the radical Muslim terrorists we are at war with. If it were up to me – we would just load them all up on a ship, dress them in burquas then dump them in the Arctic Sea and let them take a scenic swim home. We could even provide a Navy escort in case any ships attempted to intervene with their swim.

And finally in what I am sure is confusing the minds of the mesmerized Obamatons –-> the Obama administration has announced it will maintain the same Bush administration policy regarding prisoners of war being held by the US in Afghanistan. 😳 There Obama goes  designing his War on Terror strategy similar to the Bush War on Terror strategy. So much for those media championed anti Bush War messages. The Bush administration has long held that they are not entitled to any US Constitutional right to challenge their detainment. And the Obama administration states they will follow the Bush policy. Now that is a strategy that I can agree on with the Obama administration.


  1. hee! hee! I’ll bet those who voted for Obama thinking he would bring “change” are shocked to discover they voted for the third term of the Bush Administration!

  2. 😆 Agent of Change -No! Agent of Same – very close!

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