Posted by: thescoundrel | February 25, 2009

Caution – False Prophet at Work part 1

Jim Baker was a charismatic smooth talking preacher who bilked a lot of money out of people that worshiped his image and pretty words that painted lovely images. Baker used his followers time, sweat and money to create his ideal religious empire. The very charismatic Barack Obama reminds me a lot of the man. Though in my opinion Jim Baker was actually less of a cheat than current US President Obama. At least with Baker after he mesmerized his followers – willing disciples donated the money and the captivated crowds performed the idol worshiping tasks voluntarily. With Pope Obama – willing donations from worshipers only and volunteer directions are not an option.

In one of his earliest actions as President Obama turned to his Democrat controlled Congress to build a stimulus package to give the US economy a boost. The result is a pork-laden piece of legislation that has been forced down the throats of citizens and the States by Obama hard sell tactics. Any intelligent salesperson can tell you if you have to “hard sell” a product – your tactics as well as your product becomes suspicious. As seen with the strong-arm tactics being used against States and Politicians distrustful about accepting the package – rejection of the package along with the ties-that-bind the beneficiary – is not an option the Obama administration is willing to accept. Nor will the funds just magically appear or be a volunteered donation. This will be money tax-ripped from the pockets of States, Businesses or whomever Obama decides should pay for his stimulus package – whether the State and/or institution receives any of the benefit. In other words refuse to take it if you want but I will take money from you to pay for my hog lots either way. You know I have said before – I do not object to the idea of a stimulus package. I personally think that it will fall short of expectations but I am not going to pretend to actually know if the package will fail or succeed. Even the experts cannot agree on the actual value of this legislative monstrosity. But what I do object to is all the hidden pork that legislators from both political parties slipped in the package and the way the package was rushed through the process without proper inspections to remove the unnecessary pork out of the legislation. And Pope Obama, instead of doing the right thing and forcing the congress to address just the economy with the legislation, allowed the Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid Congress to pick the pockets of struggling States and businesses to pamper Congresses special interest groups and pork project objectives.And like Baker, Obama smiles at us as the Congress uses this legislation to pick our pocket to pay for their vision of America.



  1. Trust no one in government. The bigger his charm the more likelihood you are getting a snake in the grass. About those people that voted for Obama: if it looks like a cult, if it sounds like a cult, if it acts like a cult, it is a cult!

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