Posted by: thescoundrel | March 3, 2009

US Government Executive Positions Available

Help Wanted

The President of the United States – His Holiness Barack Obama – is seeking applicants to fill key advisory positions as part of his government. Interested applicants should immediately apply in person to the POTUS. Pay and fringe benefit packages are top level. Bonus benefits are available through exclusive under-the-table graft arrangements with special Interest groups that creates potential unrestricted earnings. Qualifications are flexible as long as you are willing to worship his Holiness Pope Obama and promte his Socialist agenda. As just displayed by media-selected President “Agent of Change” Obama  for the fourth time –>Special Consideration will be given to those applicants with a skilled past history of dodging taxes!!!



  1. Cincinnati Tea Party – March 15, 2009 3:00pm Fountain Square Cincinnati. Most of us do things the right way. We go to school, get a job, work hard, raise a family, build a home. Our government takes an ever increasing share of the money we earned, and wastes it on every pet project under the sun. The “stimulus” bill and the mortgage bailout are the final straw. Those of us that got the 30-year fixed mortgage don’t want to prop up the ones that bought a home two times what they could afford with an interest only loan. We also don’t want to prop up the speculators that drove up the cost of housing by flipping homes and who are now under water. Those people made bad decisions and they deserve to suffer the consequences. Please join us on March 15, 2009 and make your voice heard. Protests are being held across the country. You are not alone with your frustration. Please go here and confirm your attendance. It’s very important that we know you’re coming so we can pressure the media into covering us!

  2. Right on! Wish I could be there.

  3. They won’t hire me, I once forgot to pay sales tax on a Twinkie.

  4. Yeah it looks like th Tea Parties are actually gaining steam.

    Elmer you are just thinking to small – Obama wants tax cheats not afraid to steal big-time. I do not stand a chance either. I keep forgetting to forget to pay my taxes.

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