Posted by: thescoundrel | March 4, 2009

Congress to Obama – We Have the Power

Before and during the 2008 election for President there was considerable political talk about pork projects that become earmarks in government legislation and which POTUS candidate could cleanup Washington politics. Both McCain and Obama claimed they had the stuff to fix the broken Washington political landscape. The majority of US voters believed Barack Obama when he said he could cleanup Washington politics. I was not one of those believers. But in all fairness I did not believe John McCain possible of completing such a monumental labor. I do believe McCain better understood the configurations of Washington DC political scheming and would have had better direction in what to do about cleaning up the political arena. But knowing what to do and executing a strategy to accomplish an action are two very different exploits. I said before the election and during the election if you are really interested in cleaning up Washington DC politics – you have to clean house! You cannot reelect the same tired old moneychangers/or their specially selected by Party Insider successors back into the same positions of Congressional power and get new results. Yet that is exactly what the USA voters did. Worse yet for the media selected False Prophet of Change -Barack Obama- he has made all the same “good old boy” appointments into his White House Circle of Power. Heck he cannot even seem to pick advisers that know how to pay their taxes. And when he finally made an appeal to his Democratic Majority Congress to cleanup the earmarks in their legislation they responded with a boisterous yet diplomatic– FU Mr. President we the Congress decides what pet project earmarks lives and dies on our legislation. And they do. They hold that power. Obama can merely say yes or no to whatever they pass. Nor does he have much moral outrage he can offer in defiance since as Congress pointed out; Obama was very fond of tacking on earmarks himself. In the real world, if you are going to clean up US politics–> voters have to fire the Congress and Senate lifers and put in term limits. In the real world–> if voters are going top clean up US politics they have to quit enabling by reelecting those same moneychangers representing their districts just because they are bringing home the pork. The man at the top doesn’t write the legislation, doesn’t pass the legislation and cannot even fire those that write the legislation filled with government waste and pork. That is the job of the voters. The US voters have failed their part.



  1. […] 9000 earmarks and over 7 billion dollars of extra expenditures. I ranted in my previous post that though we citizens in the US are always complaining about how Congress overspends on pork projects -… Why because financial pork tastes good. It means federal government is actually paying for projects […]

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