Posted by: thescoundrel | March 4, 2009

US Headed Towards a Heart Attack

When you go to a Doctor and he tells you your cholesterol is extremely high so quit eating the bacon or you are going to have a heart attack: the best course of action is to quit indulging in the bacon. The US is currently in the middle of a financial cardiac arrest and a good deal of the problem can be traced back to Congress and its inability to lay off wrapping up the bacon inside legislation that they are writing. As Roland Martin pointed out in his column just 32 US Senators voted for John McCain’s proposal to clean out the pork laden earmarks in the current legislation that contains over 9000 earmarks and over 7 billion dollars of extra expenditures. I ranted in my previous post that though we citizens in the US are always complaining about how Congress overspends on pork projects – we look the other way and actually cheer our representatives for bringing home all that pork into our community. Why because financial pork tastes good. It means federal government is actually paying for projects in our area that our State/County/City budgets would have had to juggle money for. That way our State/County/City can spend our finances on some extra whipped cream and fancy nut toppings for our banana splits to accompany that fatty bacon. But in the end who actually pays for the pork and the whipped cream? We do. We pay for it with taxes that rob our savings and limit our personal expenditures. We pay for it with taxes on our businesses that means they have to either raises prices, limit hiring, reduce wages, move to another location or even just close up shop. Worse yet because the money buying the bacon we are relying from comes from federal sources that means even more of that tax money gets lost into expensive federal government bureaucracy where we have even less control of where the funds end up than we do at State/City/County levels. Yet we keep loving it when our representatives lay that fatty bacon on our plates for our consumption. And we keep edging close and closer to a Federal/State/County/City/Personal financial heart attack because as we keep cheering and reelecting those same representatives injecting our veins with that artery clogging pork fat. Too much of any luxury food  is often dangerous to your health. Pork laden earmarks are mostly luxury food. We have become a financially suicidal society. I think Mr. Martin put well in his article when he said –>

Folks, if you truly want to see Congress clean up its act, you’re going to have to make them do it. And the only thing you have that they want is your vote. So leverage it. Otherwise, don’t squawk about earmarks because it’s just wasted breath.



  1. It’s not even the $$$ amount that is the worst; the porking of any project eliminates debates on the merit of the project, they are no-bid deals and there is a lack of accountability of who benefits from the pork project.

    If my landscaping company gives Phil Hare a $5000 campaign contribution and my company is then awarded the job of landscaping the new veteran’s hospital—that’s porky pay for play—to say nothing of who donated what amount to get the construction job!

    It’s the corruption associated with pork projects more than the monetary amount that frosts my cookies.

  2. It is a circle of graft.

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