Posted by: thescoundrel | March 10, 2009

Obama Foreign Aid For Illegal Aliens

Oops 😳 the winners from the planned Obama stimulus package are – illegal immigrants! According to a CNN article by Jack Cafferty, possibly as high as 300,000 (fifteen percent) of the expected two million construction jobs to be created by the Obama Stimulus package will go towards employment for illegal aliens, not citizens of the US. It seems Obama has decided to stimulate the third world economies with our tax money. I suppose it should not be all that shocking that Obama seeks to give tax money to illegal aliens, since Obama is part of the same group of Illinois politicians that has been attmpting to make our State of Illinois into a sanctuary state for illegal aliens.  Perhaps this a new form of foreign aid by the Obama/Pelosi/Reid 🙄 brain 🙄 trust? Maybe the economy is in better shape than Obama claims if we can afford to give our “save the country’s economy” stimulus money to illegal aliens.



  1. I might be missing something here, but won’t all these “stimulus” construction jobs have to be done by unions since they are federal projects? If so, can illegals belong to unions?

    But if this is true, it is only the tip of the iceberg. The G-20 meeting in London next month is set to promote a GLOBAL “stimulus” plan with all the wealthy nations pitching in to help the downtrodden nations. Since I don’t see China or Russia or even the EU pitching in much, if any, this will no doubt be our burden to bear.

    Can’t wait to see how The Won will spin this one!

  2. what if hes trying to help illegal immigrants. the purpose is to invest money into something that will eventually bring him more $$$

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