Posted by: thescoundrel | March 11, 2009

School Sex Ed is a Hands On Experience

The school systems are struggling to teach students reading, writing and arithmetic – and yet for some reason parents think these nanny-state organizations will offer their children a quality moral upbringing! Please – get real. Teachers are becoming the new poster girls for sexually abusing young boys. A recent event claims two different teachers of having sexually abused a thirteen-year-old boy at different times. And these are from the same pool of teachers that teach your children sex education and morality. Why would anyone in his or her right minds trust the government to teach morality? Government Legislators conduct is indistinguishable from drunkenness and debauchery.  You expect hem to look after your children’s well-being? Is there any wonder school systems are pushing to teach sex and hand out condoms and contraceptives to elementary grade students? Sex education in the public school systems is becoming a hands-on-experience, where the curriculum flames the kid’s curiosity and then various teachers rape the children. The US school system is busy training a generation of sexually active children for the amusement of perverts that are hiding as teachers and administrators in the school system.


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