Posted by: thescoundrel | March 13, 2009

Anna Nicole Smith Drug Pushers Face Criminal Charges

Though it seems like forever, it has just barely been two years since the February 2007 death of Anna Nicole Smith and the bizarre media and judicial circuses that followed. It has never ceased to amaze me about some of the exposed behavior committed by those supposed human beings that were in her circle of confidants that seemed more like contemptuous gold-diggers and enablers than caring friends. Granted it is/was just my opinion but some of the events seemed tantamount to criminal activities. One event that left me deeply troubled was the home video shot by her “close” friend Howard Stern of Ms. Smith in what was most assuredly a confused drugged state. Perhaps the most telling moment of the video was when Stern was recorded on the video saying to Ms. Smith, “This footage is worth money”. To quote an old adage – “With friends like these who needs enemies?” Now, two years after Ms. Smith’s death, according to a CNN report Howard Stern and the Medical Doctors responsible for obtaining and providing the drugs that perpetuated Ms. Smith’s death are being charged in the legal system with –“ prescribing, administering or dispensing a controlled substance to an addict” and other legal charges. Good! In my opinion anyone enabling by assisting Ms. Smith’s abuse of the drugs that killed her – deserves a harsh reality check of an extended stay in prison. In my opinion the individuals than enabled her demise are no superior than the common drug pushers selling their poison on the streets – they are just fancier dressed. Let them all rot in jail as notice of such!


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