Posted by: thescoundrel | March 13, 2009

Obama Wagging the Dog?

The economy is still tanking and even loyal Democrat supporters are jumping on Obama’s case about his handling of the economy. Obama’s answer to the problem seems to be to wag the dog. Obama has decided to use a series of Blame Bush speeches and high-profile Bush policy reversals in an attempt distract people that he is just spinning his wheels while pretending to fix an economy with a pork laden stimulus bill that wastes billions of dollars. One of the latest dog wagging events involved Obama’s decision to reverse Bush’s policy against embryonic stem cell funding. There is a great idea – throw millions upon millions of dollars towards a research that has failed to produce results since its launch. Not!

Despite years of World Wide extensive research there has never been any actual successful treatment created with embryonic stem cells.

There have been severe problems associated with and at least one horrific event connected to attempt at embryonic stem cell treatments.

In the mean time Adult Stem Cell research has already proven to be successful in use for medical treatments:

Adult Stem Cell Success.

Adult Stem Cell Research.

But then the Obama decision to reverse the Bush Policy against funding embryonic stem cell research was not about scientific exploration. It was a completely political decision designed to distract voters from his flailing about while he pretends to fix the economy. It was a political fan the anti-Bush flames and satiate the rabid leftwing screaming for more embryonic stem cell research – despites its continued failures.  And Obama is willing to do this because it does distract from his current financial and leaderships failures even though it will steal funding and efforts from the progress adult stem cell research has pioneered, in favor of directing funds towards the failed fantasies of embryonic stem cell studies. Obama is more than willing to wag this dog at the cost of research success in order to play party politics. President Barack Obama – Media Selected – Jim Baker’s charm – Messiah wannabe- but still no agent of change!



  1. You Obama haters really are bitter aren’t you?

  2. The Portuguese Water Dog are wonderful pets, their curly hairs are so handsome and they are good for allergic people. A good choice for the Obama family, now some questions remain: male or female, how will they call it?

  3. Clinton and Bush had no child left behind programs. This is part of Obama’s no child left alive program. It helps keep his baby killing friends in business.

  4. Donate enough, you don’t get left behind no matter what. Give 100K+ to the right people, then you can collect Billions in taxpayer money & grant millions to yourself as a bonus. If you are in the right spot, good deal for you. No big donations, not in the ‘right’ place, too bad. But be comforted, hundreds of millions were in the wrong place with you & I. Doesn’t misery love company?

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