Posted by: thescoundrel | March 25, 2009

Obama Fumbles on AIG Bonus Topic

During his rah-rah I-am-your-savior speech on Tuesday media-selected President Barack Obama was asked by CNN reporter Ed Henry – why he waited so long to express his anger over the AIG bonuses paid with economic stimulus money. Perhaps some of the media are coming out of their Obamaton lackey state of existence. I guess the newspiece wasn’t just the tub of fluffy marshmallow topping Obama has come to expect – as Obama fumbled on the AIG bonus questions. Maybe Obama needs someone with an available quick quip running his teleprompter. An unhappy Obama went on the offensive and stated that he liked to know what he was talking about before he speaks on a subject. It is too bad he did not apply the same logic before he used his political muscle to hardball the pork laden stimulus package through the legislative body. It seems considering the Obama campaign promises to clean-up Washington DC politics and his current revelation of the Obama talent of evaluating problems before acting: that given the enormous amount of pork in the Obama/Reid/Pelosi stimulus package and the financial problems like the AIG bonus uproar that are surfacing – perhaps Obama the Messiah should have looked a little closer into his crystal ball when people were asking him to fix the bill before it became finished legislation. Oops, I forgot he cannot do that because the scribes of this legislation, like Reid and Pelosi, pull the Obama puppet strings that makes him dance and sing his marionette show for the public. Pelosi and Reid  write the legislation and Obama just rubber-stamps whatever they put in writing- no need to read or evaluate their legislation 🙄 . Politics as usual in DC.



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  2. Glad you’re back!

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  4. Thanks QCEx. I have been in a rather lethargic mood when it concerns blogging. Plus I currently have a lot of other irons in the fire of life going on which eats up considerable time.

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