Posted by: thescoundrel | March 26, 2009

Illinois Politicians – Tax and Waste

I was reading over on QCOnline about a proposal to add another 1% to the sales tax in Rock Island Co. (This does not even take into account Governor Rat Quinn’s suggestion that he is going to double the States Income Tax taken from everyone’s paycheck.) The proponents of the idea are championing the idea with a sob story about how it is needed to improve the school systems. Speaking for myself they can take this tax and shove it where the sun don’t shine. It is not that I do not think that the schools could use the money. I think just the opposite in fact. But in these tight money times  – what institution couldn’t use the money? My bank account and creditors needs the money just as much as the school does. The real problem is that the politicians of this State and county have frittered away the money that was supposed to go to the school systems. Anyone remember the hard sell points when they wanted to legalize gambling? Why the gambling money would go into the state school systems and create a fantastic school system for Illinois. Right – that worked out well. The money instead went into general funding and is used to pay for whatever pork project the State legislators fancy. Another 1% tax increase is just a way for local politicians to rape the local voter’s pocketbook because Rock Island Co. and the State of Illinois politicians are failures when it comes to handling finances. The State of Illinois Political Puppets have never met a tax they could not justify or waste. And as one commenter said – administration will eat up most of the tax money increase that ever makes it to the schools. Personally – if they do raise the taxes, I have absolutely no problem shopping elsewhere!

A tale of two local students!

And while we are on the subject of local schools – here is another rant! You can toss all the money you want at the school systems – but that does not spell out success. The school systems failure runs deeper than money problems. In the last few months it has been necessary for me to assist some individuals with reading difficulties. Both individuals can barely read. One had been out of school for several years the other just entered high school. Yet neither could read anything but basics. I could read better than either one of them when I was in first grade. Both were/still are lazy students. The school systems passed them along because they did not want to deal with these problem children. One is now an older gentleman and is not able to survive in this high tech communication era. The other is on the fast track to become a permanent guest of the juvenile penal system and candidate as a future resident of one of our fine Illinois Prisons. Now I would like to say that this was unusual but it is not. I can name several individuals that required more than minimal effort from the system that I have helped over the last few years cut from the same bolt of failure. The problem is deeper than money.



  1. I think Obama is on the wrong track with his program wanting everybody to go to college, which frankly defies reality.

    What is needed is a multi-tiered school system where students would be forced to have a minimum requirement of skills in order to function in the real world, then they can either quit (I’d say 16 is about the right age), go on to some sort of trade school or continue on a track to higher education.

    This one-size-fits-all school policy we have now and that Obama is promoting is just plain wrong—it doesn’t account for the difference in individuals.

    The only people the “everyone needs to go to college” idea helps are those in academia—-a major source of Obama’s campaign cash and one of the last bastions of leftwingery.

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