Posted by: thescoundrel | March 26, 2009

Obama Jobs Creation – All Smoke and Mirrors

Barack Obama – Messiah-wannabe, Agent of Hope and Change and Champion of Transparency in Government  – continues to fail at living up to his messianic self-portrayal. It seems that his promise of creating over three million jobs with his economic stimulus plan was all theologically based on Obama’s god like powers. According to an AP article, by Calvin Woodward, there is little evidence to propose that the Obama administration can actually create the jobs he claims will rise from his stimulus package. Perhaps the most telling line was – “If space exploration were conducted like the job forecasts under the government’s new stimulus law, man surely would have missed the moon”. Of course this revelation about the stimulus shortcomings are after the fact and exposed despite the (cough-cough-cough) transparent Obama Administration decision to hide from everyone that the stimulus plan prognostication numbers were all a game of smoke and mirrors! Plus Congress managed to fast track all them porky earmarks along with the stimulus bill. Cha-Ching bringing home that bacon! Can you see all those $$$ lighting up inside the eyes of Congress! Never mind that we the taxpayers have to pay for all this Obama transparency out of our pockets. Barack Obama – just another in a long line of political False Prophets hiding behind phony promises of hope and change.



  1. A lot of the jobs for infrastructure repair wouldn’t be permanant anyway. With unemployment as high as it is, I don’t see why anybody would get excited about this. Obama is saying less than 1% of the population would get the new jobs and most of us know that’s an inflated number. He talked the talk but he’s not doing too well at walking the walk.

  2. I think Ruben Navarrette got it right when he said Obama is flunking economics.

  3. None of these massive spending initiatives have much to do with jobs—new or old.

    The “stimulus”, omnibus and the current “budget” proposal all have to do with furthering his liberal agenda of nationalized health care, climate change and education reform plus whatever liberal policies have been pent up during the years when the GOP had control of one or both branches of government.

    All this talk about “jobs” and “economic recovery” is just to dupe the rubes, and thankfully more people are beginning to figure this out.

  4. I agree Obama/Pelosi/Reid are just using this package to push through their pork projects and socialist programs they would have to fight to get approved otherwise.

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