Posted by: thescoundrel | March 28, 2009

Earth Hour Approaches – Be Afraid

Be very Afraid!

Well tonight there will be many people turn off their lights for an hour celebrating Earth Hour. Earth Hour is global alarmists way of attempting to push the Kyoto treaty and Al Goracle’s fear mongering Global Warming theology. Many people will be doing it for any different reasons. There will be many that actually buy into the Global Warming hype just as many of us bit into the Global cooling hype many years back. Been there done that- no thanks for a repeat showing. There will be many people that will be joining because like Al Goracle, they will have figured a way to make a buck off the promotion. No thanks I will donate my money when and where I choose. There will be many who join looking for a false badge of honor to wear on their chest. Sorry I am not into pretentious and grandiose ego trips.  Many women will be joining in because they feel better about themselves when they have a big group hug. Good for them I actually think group hugs are a good thing for most people – just not my style. There will be a huge amount of guys that will join with them in the group hug – not because they are particularly into the Global Warming Cult – but because they are guys and hope by joining all the ladies in a big hug they might get lucky and get laid. I will pass on that reasoning also- I am mature enough to know there are better and more successful gender connections options available. No I say all this -not because I do not think we could be all be better shepherds of the planet. In fact I think we are terrible shepherds of the planet. I think there are lots of things we could do to make this planet better to live on. But this idea is just another fad where a handful of people want to look important, as they pretend to themselves and others how proactive they are at fixing the problems of the world. They will claim that dissenters from their global warming religion have buried their heads in the sand. Maybe – maybe not. Global warming is a theory that has many experts both pro and con about the theories. Plus turning off your lights to save energy is a lot like forced carpooling if you believe in the peak oil theory. It solves nothing! It merely strings out the inevitable. If you want to stave off starvation -fix the problem– don’t starve the mind and the body. Instead find alternative food sources. As to the infamous Kyoto treaty – I am sure it would make a good substitute for the now defunct Monkey Wards catalog in the outhouse. I have said this before and I will say it again – I live in the USA and not the NWO of the UN– I do not offer the United Nations any say in how I live my life.  If that offends anyone  -so be it! So as Earth Hour approaches, in honor of all those Goracle disciples, in all those different time zones that will be turning off their lights for an hour tonight – I plan on running my lights, televisions and radios for the next 24 hours straight. My house will be the bright spot visible from the sky tonight!



  1. Thanks for blogging about this so I don’t have to.

    This Earth Hour thing reminds of all those hokey things we did in Junior High like saying “if you wear green on Thursday that means you’re gay”.

    Or maybe it was if you DON’T wear green on Thursday you’re gay—-either way, Earth Hour has the same level of sophistication we had when we were 13.

  2. Whatever you think of global warming – and I agree much of it seems to be a convenient scare tactic to distract us – there is a basic truth that the planet’s resources are being decimated. However, I firmly believe that sunspot and other stellar phenomena probably have greater sway in what happens on this pebble we call Earth. Top post – thanks!

  3. I felt so strongly about it I turned every light in the house on for the hour.

  4. I agree with all of the above. Except the Green/gay thing. I ain’t messing with all those olive drab green wearing military dudes with the big guns and nuclear missiles. I’ll let them take up any complaints concerning that with QCExaminer. 😉

  5. Evidently Al Gore wasn’t that enthused about Earth Hour either.

    Somebody drove by his house last night during Earth Hour and found that while the outside floodlights on his 9000 sq. ft. mansion were turned off, most of the windows featured that bluish color of computer monitors and tv screens.

    The kicker is although Gore had the lights off on his house, he had floodlights turned on the trees on his property.

    What a hoot! I think we ought to take climate change and conservation as seriously as Gore does. 🙂

    Here’s the link:

  6. Al Goracle is doing his best to reinvent hypocrisy and take it to the highest levels.

  7. “Sorry I am not into pretentious and grandiose ego trips.”

    That’s rich!

  8. Hey Foley I see you are still around and still carrying around that chip on your shoulder. How come you dropped your pioneer/info swim blog?

  9. I didn’t have a mean enough streak, I guess, and it just wasn’t good for my health.

    Like I said over at QCI, it’s a heckuva lot easier being in the peanut gallery.

  10. Let the record show that scoundrel thinks that suggesting someone is pretentious qualifies one as having a chip on their shoulder.

  11. The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

  12. Hmm I don’t know that I agree about the mean streak but I do understand the time involved in keeping up with a blog and the time constraints it puts on your personal and business life.

    Yeah I do think you have a chip on your shoulder. I cannot name the times since I started blogging in which I heard leftwingers complain about a lack of discussion. Yet ever since I started blogging on Conservative issues (I do on occasion blog positively about more liberal issues – one my disapproval of the death penalty still gets hits) I have had little but personal attacks from the liberal bloggers. Yourself included. None of you wanted to talk issues – the only exception was TID- all most liberals wanted to do was toss the race card around at myself and others that had questions about Obama. After I started blogging my dislike for Obama I was called many derogatory names by liberals. Yourself included. The most common name calling was racist. And after YOU attacked me personally on QCExaminers blog you continued the insults when I retaliated for your personal attack. Sorry for your thin skin. But if you are going to personally attack someone then I suggest you not expect them all to become your punching bag.

    You know if I really had wanted to attack you on a personal level I would have rapped on your decision to champion the “Davenport Promise” anonymously on your blog while you were a key sponsor and neck deep in the selling of the program to the city. The only times I have ever attacked you on the blogs have been after YOU attempted to insult me or call me names. So yeah, I think you have a chip on your shoulder.

  13. If you want to see a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this post for four from five. Detailed info, but I have to go to that damn yahoo to find the missed pieces. Thank you, anyway!

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