Posted by: thescoundrel | April 14, 2009

Blagojevich Big Top Circus Held Over

Due to popular demand the Rod Blagojevich Big Top Media Circus remains held over for the listening and viewing pleasure of Illinoisans, the USA and the rest of the interested World. Blago, a Richard Daley and Barack Obama political ally,  whom has been accused of numerous misdeeds while Governor of the State of Illinois (whose state motto has become “send us the political clowns”), faces sixteen charges of federal fraud and conspiracy. Today Blago plead not guilty. Now I know many of us have already judged and convicted Blago of his many charges. Well I am not going to hold my breath waiting for a conviction. Most of the country had Alaska Senator Ted Stevens tried and convicted and he has his charges set aside due to prosecutorial misconduct. Now I am not claiming Stevens was innocent or guilty but we will never really know either, because of over zealous prosecutors. Now I am also hoping that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, whom is overseeing the Blago case, has taken a more level headed approach than they did in Alaska. If not, then guilty or not-guilty, Blago will roam free afterwards. Nor is there any guaranty that the Blago Big Top Circus will ever make it to a court trial. As I was talking to an old timer –>he reminded me of several roads that the Blago trial could still take. One is that the Democrat Party, which is in control of all three federal branches of government and is also in control of all branches of Illinois government, could just find a way to make the case go away with lots of money and power plays. A second suggestion was Blago is bought off with Democrat Party Money (after all most of us already think Blago has always been out for the money in everything he does), and is given a short sentence in Club Fed and comes out very rich afterwards for his silence. Perhaps the most gruesome of the suggestions was that members of the Democrat Party use their influence with their Union Connections to relocate Blago to whatever current residence that Jimmy Hoffa was relocated. Anyway you can count me in among those anxiously waiting to see Blag convicted of anything he is guilty of, assuming he is guilty and that his circus ever makes it to trial. Or maybe I am just jealous of all that fracking hair. I never had that much hair – even when I was in high school!


It seems Illinois’ favorite Governor –Rod Blagojevich- is all set to star in a reality television show, assuming the courts allowing him the time and freedom. 😆


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