Posted by: thescoundrel | April 14, 2009

Welcome to the Real and Dangerous World

Normally I am highly critical of Barack Obama. That really is not going to change, as my personal opinion of the man is that he is a liar and a fraud. Obama is the False Prophet of hope and change. Still I am going to toss a small complement in his direction over his handling of the Somali Pirate incident. He helped protect our people and the country’s safety. For that I toss Pope Obama a bone – good job on the rescue. He acted, as I believe that George Bush Jr., William Clinton, George Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan would have acted in a similar situation. He kept silent and invoked secrecy and let the military do their job. I will leave his fawning press and charmed disciples to offer the more vociferous accolades. Pope Obama has not solved the problem – mind you. For the pirates have already threatened our future ships and have even captured a Greek boat since. But he has shown our enemies (at least the flea specks that are too small to put up any serious fight) that they will face the wrath of our Goliath military in these situations – unleashed by our media selected Pope. Good for him.

On a more humorous look at the situation across the blogosphere liberals are singing and dancing the night away that this is proof-positive that our media selected Pope has the right stuff to lead our military. Maybe/Maybe Not, time will tell. What is so humorous is that the Bush Deranged Obamatons across the Internet are singing Kumbaya and Hosannas for Pope Obama handling the situation just like his predecessor George Bush would have – by keeping his mouth shut about what the military was doing. Had this been a Bush action the Bush Deranged would have been outraged about the secrecy involved plus they would be demanding to know why the Administration had not proposed a 1028 page set of documents for public perusal outlining possible scenarios about which they could come to a public forum consensus of action. ROFLMAO @ the Bush Deranged Obamatons. There have been a few unhappy individuals that have noticed Obama’s Bush-like actions. But this has not been the only time Pope Obama has recently pulled pages out of the George Bush Jr. political handbook. The Obama administration has been working very Bush-like in an attempt to limit terror suspect’s ability to challenge their incarceration. Very Bush-like of Obama. I approve of the move! Another Bush-like move by the Obama administration that the Bush Deranged have kept minimally silent about is Obama’s decision to protect and continue with Bush Jr.’s phone surveillance program; which so many of the Deranged screamed about and used as political canon fodder against McCain during the 2008 POTUS election. Here is the thing – I said long before the election — no matter who was elected that they would be forced to follow similar actions to the Bush Doctrines. And practically every major political military move, excepting the reducing of the military weapons of war purchases, Obama has made is a mirror event to the George Bush Jr. Presidency. The only real differences are his political attempts to quell the blood thirst of his infanticide loving political backers. But in reality that is just another Bush move. Both made quick moves to satiate and temper the core of their backers early in their Presidency. Bush vs. Obama when it comes to dealing with threats to the nation the choices of direction are not varied. Welcome to the real world! I now return you to regularly mind-numbing politcal party rhetoric.


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