Posted by: thescoundrel | April 15, 2009

The Quest for the Unholy Grail

This story started on Tuesday April 14, 2009. theScoundrel had just read a story located on Quad City Examiners blog discussing the Obama Big Government Administration’s suspicious timing of the release of a study concerning a worry about the rise of right-wing extremists groups following his election. More on that report at his link. The timing of the release was extremely suspicious because it was right before a Nationwide Conservative led demonstration, against the Federal Governments continued abusive handling of taxpayer’s money, called the Tea Party. Something smelled rotten in news media land. The release of information seemed to be a McCarthyism attempt by federal government to tie concerned conservative action groups with known hate groups like the KKK. Even more questionable the Obama attempt to slander Conservative Action Groups with the ploy had been pushed into a piranha-like feeding frenzy by the Obama worshiping supposedly professional News Media and Internet disciples. There was a glimmer of hope that perhaps the Obama Media Disciples were not simply doing a hatchet job on Conservative Action Groups. There was mention of a similar report about leftwing extremist radicals that was supposed to have been created by the Bush’s Attempt at Big Government Administration. I decided to look for this dreaded document on the all-knowing Internet. Sadly with the short time I had available no trace could be found. So I went on with personal business and finished my day. Due to personal obligations my day finished before the quest for the holy document could continue. I went to bed worrying that I might be awoken in the middle of the night by the Obama Praetorian Guard, the Schutzstaffel, seeking to force me to pledge allegiance to his Big Government Socialism agenda. It worried me even more knowing that my supposed guard dogs would sell me out to them in a heartbeat for steak and gravy. Grrr – so much for mans best friends!

Early in the morning at a time when most USAmericans are sound asleep I awoke gladdened to notice that there were no Obama storm-troopers inside the house. Realizing that no more sleep was to be obtained I pledged to further my Internet search for the rumored Bush Leftwing extremist document. Remembering my earlier attempt to find the mysterious document I armed myself with the proper searching tools. First I turned on my computer. As my computer booted up I went to the kitchen and stocked up on cold Mountain Dew, Roasted And Salted Virginia Peanuts, Louisiana Style Potato Chips (made in Illinois?) and I quickly made some chip dip from Contadina Italian flavored tomato paste, herbs and spices. Hey I needed to break the fast and I am on dial-up Internet Service where information searches are not a quickie thing. So I began my political document Internet search at a time in the morning where most of the other USAmerican Internet travelers are pounding the search engines for porn and illegal substances. It should be easy to access a political document when most of your fellow travelers are just looking for masturbation material, right? Wrong! Every search I committed concerning a Bush or Obama left wing extremist study came back with pages and pages of – The rightwing extremist study released by the Obama Administration. Arghh! Finally after what seemed like days of reading various postulations about the Obama document on rightwing extremisms I decided, hey what about CNN. Aren’t they supposed to be the current voice of centrism? So I added CNN to my Google search. I like CNN they usually have a lot of different news from around the world and at home. And I use them a lot when searching for information. Sure enough they had a story! The same ####### story about the rightwing extremists groups that everyone else had printed. The story also included one single solitary short statement at the end of the story that there had been a previous leftwing extremist study document released at the end of January of 2009. Sigh, so where was this leftwing documenting all the media kept using as the great equalizer for the Obama release attempting to disparage Conservative action groups! So my search continued. I though perhaps I was thinking in the wrong direction. Perhaps I should go less generic and consider directing my search towards the Conservative News voice Fox News. Still I got pages and pages of the Obama released rightwing extremist palaver. Then, Eureka, I found a media document on leftwing extremists! Sadly it turned out to be on leftwing extremists in India, important, but not what I was looking for. Surely this Unholy Grail of documents slamming Pope Obama worshiping liberal groups must be out there – the unbiased media told me it was available, thought none of them seemed to be able to refer to it or even quote from it in their stories.  The finally after consuming all my dip, half a bag of potato chips and surrounded by a mountain of emptied Mt. Dew cans I found a link to the document. Whew all my work was about to be rewarded. The Unholy Grail was within my grasp!  The link was courtesy of one of the Alex Jones Conspiracy sites. Now I like to pick on the Alex Jones crowd but there are times when they almost make a believer out of me with their conspiracy tirades. My clicking on the link they provided was one of those moments. I am a fan of Coast to Coast AM radio (link available on my sidebar) and they and their guests are always complaining about their fears about Big Government’s decades of harassing their messengers. So following smooth sailing of link after link after link expressing opinions about Pope Obama’s documentations on rightwing extremist groups, I was booted off the Internet when I attempted to follow the Jones Link (which was basically a link he posted to a Fox News copy of the leftwing extremist study group document). Still this story does end with my final discovery of the Unholy Grail. I was able to sign back on after being booted off the Internet (though at an even slower reconnection speed) and find my way back to the original post by Fox. Here is the link posting of the leftwing extremist study document.

theScoundrel Rant –>

Okay, fun aside, here is my take of the studies and the events surrounding them. I actually have no problem with either study being composed. That is the job of Intelligence agencies. Like it or not, group intelligence investigations have been a part of government forever and a day. The problem I found is that, like QCExaminer pointed out in her post– the two reports are dissimilar in content. Where as the leftwing extremist report named groups, actions and even pointed out specifics – the rightwing extremist report could not really offer us any  specifics or any real information that we already did not know. Sure we know the KKK and siilar groups are out there but we have known that for years. The jerks are protected under free speech rights. One of my earlier blogging laments about the choice of a far leftwing Socialist like Obama was that it would only serve to wake up the hate groups. But the real problem I found in my research was not the studies but the media circus. Where as the leftwing extremist report was dismissed by the news media as unimportant, so unimportant that it is almost unknown to the point it is unquotable and even worse- almost impossible to access, even on the Internet. Yet the Obama worshipping media felt the need to deluge the News World with the release in am manner and time that was sure to malign the anti Big Government Tea Party Protestors movement, because Conservatives and Libertarians mostly lead them. I have noticed that even our local newspapers have been doing there best to make the Tea party Movements a non-issue. During the illegal immigration protests both local papers flooded their copy with stories of people and the upcoming events. Yet both of the local papers barely mentioned that there are two Tea Party events being held here in the Quad City alone. What a better way to kill any such movement than the media to simply ignore the event. It is hard to build up steam when the “un”biased media prop-up some events while shrouding other events in a cloak of darkness. Now I expect this of the Quad City Times. They have built up their reputation as the local bastion of liberal causes. But as of late the Moline Dispatch/RI Argus, whose past leaning has been more moderate to conservative fare, has started to read more like the QC Times when it comes to cozying up to liberal politicians and their agendas. As I have said to Conservatives and Libertarians before – do not rely on the media to get your message out. In fact the US media transforms into Pravda more and more every day. Sigh, perhaps I need more and bigger dogs to make it easier to sleep at night. Of course they might still sell me out for a plate of steak.

An Interesting link for those unhappy with the decades old big government rampant approach that has seen the federal government usurping States Rights.
The tenth amendment center.



  1. here’s something to consider — paragraph breaks

  2. Thanks for the link and mention!

    In fairness to the local press, there was a letter to the editor a couple of days ago in the Dispatch about the protests, a surprisingly “fair and balanced” article about the TEA Parties in the QCTimes and today the Dispatch had an article about it.

    Unfortunately when I checked Channel 6 News at noon, the vacuous Paula Sands said the protests were backed by “conservative groups”, which isn’t exactly true, but is the leftwing and leftwing media’s talking point. They only had a snippet of video on the protest at Braley’s office, but maybe there will be more at 5-6-10.

    Or maybe not.

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