Posted by: thescoundrel | April 17, 2009

O-Ba-Ma O-Ba-Ma O-Ba-Ma

In what is becoming the Media-selected Prez. Barack Obama’s version of Wag the Dog – his administration released documents that explained the Bush Administrations interpretation of the boundaries defining torture. Nothing released was really anything I had not heard before, except that the mean old CIA interrogators were allowed to use a bug to scare one of the terrorists. Boo Hoo – that sure scared the holy water out of me! Like any other Cult Leader Obama realizes that he cannot afford to let too many of his mesmerized followers escaper from their mesmerized condition. What this release and its timing was really all about was Obama’s need to wag the dog by turning attention away from several events that tarnish administrations image. And what better way to throw up a smoke than to fire up his rabid followers with some good old Hate-Bush & I am the Prophet of Hope and Change rhetoric. That is what the timing of this release is all about. His featured Hate-Bush rhetoric, after all, is how he managed to beat both Hillary Clinton and John McCain in the election process. Vote Obama-Biden in 2008 because you know you hate Bush more than living free! The timing of this torture documentation was impeccable and most assuredly a planned event. It is sure to stir up the most rabid of the Bush Deranged into a frenzy of Blame-Bush sermons amongst the Obama Worshiping Media and Internet Cathedrals. Obama needs this because across the nation thousands upon thousands of people in both small and large groups to protest his handling of our tax money. Some were conservatives and others were just Obama Cult escapees waking from the False Prophets Mantra Induced Coma State. They have just rallied against the Obama Administration’s decision to steal money from the citizens of this nation and hand it over to companies; in the Obama attempt to Socialize the Nation by government taking over free enterprise. Obama needs to find a way to lure the former comatose individuals back into hypnotic induced mantras of O-Ba-Ma O-Ba-Ma O-Ba-Ma. The other reason he needs to wag the dog is that the O-Ba-Ma Administration’s justice department has come out and said they will not pursue the CIA interrogators that he speechified during his campaign he would pursue “if” he decided that they had used torture. O-Ba-Ma has decided that to go after these interrogators would take away the “confidence” these people need to do their jobs. Oops, that will not sit well with the rabid Bush Deranged! So now he needs to flame the Blame-Bush fires to satiate that faction of his followers. Also, buried in the dark sections less traveled, the media and kept fairly quiet by the Obama Bishops was, that after getting all the Bush Deranged excited about a possible prosecution of US Government officials in Spain for torture crimes, the Attorney General of Spain is leaning on the courts to drop the process.  Did anyone really think that Obama could afford to avoid putting diplomatic pressure on this event. Such an event would drive a huge wedge between Spain and the USA, maybe to the point of violence.  So O-Ba-Ma really needs the Hate-Bush rhetoric he can build by the release of these documents to keep the energy levels up in his fledgling administration.

And not that it should surprise anyone. As to the release of the torture documents I say – I do not care. They offer nothing not already known. They tell what legal experts in the Bush Administration considered torture and what they considered legal. The documents show that the legal experts in the Bush Administration chose the loosest terms of defining torture. They stayed within the legal policy of the government. In my opinion the methods used were probably lax. Other than the water boarding these tactics are not much more than basic college initiation events. The only questionable method used, was the water boarding, and that was used on the most dangerous of the terror suspects. If water boarding a terrorist stops a terrorist attack on our soil or manages to saves just one life – do it! As to all the liberal-crapola about it only makes the Muslim Extremists hate us more – I say hogwash! These Extremists will find a way to hate us if we walk over kiss them on the cheek, bow down on one knee in worship and hand them a million dollars. They hate us and they hate our culture. It has never mattered which type of administration was in control of our government –from pathetic liberal eccentric Jimmy Carter to in your face George Bush Jr.– Muslim Radicals looked for reasons to hold Violent Hate America rallies around the world. It matter not whether we offer these terrorists tea and crumpets or feed them bacon and blood-pudding while they are incarcerated – the comrades in arms are still looking for ways to attack this country and our citizens. Nor will that change if we set them free. These radical Muslim Extremists only respect the eye-for-an-eye treatment.



  1. […] day after the successful nationwide TEA Parties, Obama decides it’s a good time to release some memos from the Bush Administration concerning the legal limits of torture, supposedly because of his deep commitment to “transparency”. Of course this commitment […]

  2. Hi, are you aware that a website called ysource has copied this whole article and passed it off as its own? They’ve done the same to several other wordpress blogs.

  3. I do believe the Law Of Unintended Consequences has kicked in here and The Won cannot put the genie back in the bottle.

    For one thing, getting all the leftwing groups agitated will force him to spend precious political capital to squash them.

    Congress is worked-up and wants to hold “hearings”, but unfortunately, some of the most prominent Democrats were in on the “torture” and they APPROVED. I can’t really see Nancy Pelosi exposing herself to that kind of liability—or Jay Rockefeller.

    But now the UN is all het up and wants an independent investigation and will demand “compensation” from the “victims”.

    The Won ain’t seen nothin’ until he sees how PO’d the public gets having to pay compensation to the mob that wanted to kill us.

    The Won will have to use all his smarts, charisma to quell the firestorm he has unleashed—done to enhance his preening moral vanity.

  4. I agree QCEx, the False Prophet should find he has more hoops to jump through as he has to spin more of his actions to friends and foes alike. 🙂
    Thanks for the link!

    Thanks for the information, Amanda 🙂 . I am not too surprised as I am constantly getting links in my spam box where imitation blogs copy mine and other bloggers work and post the stories as if the work were their own. 😦

  5. Sorry to hear you feel so bad about losing the election to a Democrat – and a black one, too.
    But to the point. Torture is bad for two reasons. The first is that it reduces the toturer to the level of the alleged crimes of the tortured. It’s a little think called morality. You may have heard of it.
    Secondly, torture is bad because it doesn’t work. Frightened people tell the torturer what he wants to hear, which is a good way of falsely imprisoning or executing people, but not much good at getting to the truth.
    As for any Democrat hating Shrub, that’s rubbish. There was nothing to hate. It would be like hating Kermit the Frog and ignoring Jim Henson. What thinking people hated was the fact that the Republicans were so inept, even their puppet was a moron.

  6. LOL – Mark tosses in a backdoor – you are a racist comment! I could care less what color his skin or what party Obama belongs to. I dislike him because I find him an extremist liberal. There are plenty of Black candidates and other Democrats I would have voted for. But because they are moderate to conservatives they have no chance of getting a nod from the Democrat Party.

    I would disagree that torture does not work especially if you are going to classify what the Bush administration acted out as torture. For what they implemented after 9-11 worked at stopping preventing terrorists acts. Personally I do not consider what they did as real torture. Also if torture is what it takes to make a terrorist talk and give up information then the intelligence agencies should implement the best forms available.

    The Bush Deranged have used hate tactics on Bush since he beat Gore in the 2000 election. They preferred to attempt to destroy this country by tearing it apart across the Internet with their Bush Derangements.

  7. I’m not sure I know what an ‘extremist Liberal’ is – surely Liberal, which means ‘favouring free trade, individual liberty and moderate political and social reform’ isn’t extreme by its very definition?
    And you seem to have missed the point entirely about torture. It doesn’t work, and the more severe it is, the less it works. If someone threatens a suspect with extreme pain, the suspect instinctively tries to find a way to end that pain, and this is usually telling the torturer what they want to hear. It’s called forced confession. They did it with ‘witches’ in medieval times.
    Finally, a point of fact. Bush didn’t beat Gore. The college electoral system beat Gore – the popular vote was Gore’s

  8. There is nothing moderate about Obama.

    If you consider what Bush did torture – then it worked and your premise that torture does not work is wrong. What his administration did worked at finding out information. People will lie no matter what method you interrogate them with. The job of the interrogator is to sort out the truth from the lies and when dealing with terrorists by applying whatever means gets results.

    Sorry but Bush won & Gore lost under the rules of USA elections.

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