Posted by: thescoundrel | April 25, 2009

Obama the Not So SuperPresident

The Obama-stoned US media is still doing the grunt work of promoting the Barack Obama image. Evidently they feel need that everybody must get stoned. The latest advertising was by CNN analyst, Bill Schneider, whom posed the question: Is Barack Obama the superpresident? Lol the suggestion is not established with the information contained in his article. Obama despite riding in on a huge wave of anti-Bush popularity has approval numbers very similar to the average. According to the CNN article Obama is at a 63% approval rating while the average for the last six presidents was 61%. The article seems to defend the superpresident premise by stating that where Obama stands out is in personal qualities. So what he is saying is that Obama is all-charming – just as the False Prophet of hope and change should be. ROFLMA that does not make Obama the “Right Stuff” as President! His Domestic and Foreign policy dealing lacks substance. I think my dogs have great personal qualities (much better than Obama has to offer) but I wouldn’t want them as my president either. And unlike Obama, my dogs would not play kissy-face with dictators and terror sponsoring countries.

I am no fan of European opinion but I notice that some of the Obama weak sister actions are starting to get noticed overseas. The Con COughlin/UK Telegraph article points out what many of us not captivated by Obama’s charm have already predicted. While Obama plays self-promotion games and bashing the Bush administration and the USA for all the worlds evils with the fawning US media in tow – our enemies are making serious gains in power. One of the biggest whines I heard from the Bush Deranged when we became entangled in Iraq was that Bush allowed himself to get distracted from the goal of eradicating the terror movements like Al Qaeda. Now it seems Obama is just as content kissing up to dictators and tyrants while terrorist groups are making power plays as he labors to secure his media darling image. No surprise there for a president that is proclaimed to be a superpresident by the media based on his charm and not his ability to solve problems.



  1. Instead of change his motto should be-
    If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS.

  2. BS is where Obama’s real talent lays.

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