Posted by: thescoundrel | May 8, 2009

Manny being Manny and A-Rod being A-Rod and MLB is Embarrassed

I was reading the sports pages that are all up in arms about former Boston Red Sox and current LA Dodger MLB player, Manny Ramirez, getting suspended fifty games for failing MLB’s drug testing program. Manny, already known as one of the more eccentric and volatile MLB players in the game,  joins the  growing list of superstar MLB players being exposed and suspended for substance abuse associated with performance enhancement drug usage. The rumor is that Ramirez took MD prescribed fertility substances in order correct a male potency disorder of low testosterone that was probably caused by past steroid usage. Ramirez is claiming he was unaware that the prescribed substance was on the banned list.  Tom Verducci of S.I. is reporting that had Manny went through proper MLB channels he might have gotten permission to use the substance. The suspension makes more sense of the lack of MLB teams chasing Manny and his booming bat during the off-season free agent signings. Not only will Manny miss fifty games but also he will lose over 7 million dollars of his very fat salary over this suspension. Ouch! I personally think the performance enhancement drug policy should be relaxed. Until they are, as the saying goes – you do the crime you do the time and in this case Manny will also do a very large fine.

The timing of Manny’s spanking by MLB could not have been better for Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod was proclaimed several years ago by MLB and the Sports Press as the Golden Boy that would clear up MLB’s embarrassment over the Barry Bonds homerun record – that was tainted by steroid allegations – by surpassing Bonds lifetime HR totals. That went badly for both MLB, the A-Rod worshiping sportswriters and A-Rod as it was soon exposed that A-Rod was a former steroid abuser also. Oops! Yet for some reason I have never understood there seems to be less outrage by the press over A-Rods pursuit of the lifetime homerun record than there was with Bonds chase. I can only assume it has to do with the antagonism between Barry Bonds and the Press throughout his career. Still the latest Golden Boy A-Rod disturbing rumors have nothing to do with performance drug enhancement. Nope- the latest problems revolve around a new book that makes the allegation that A-Rod had a cheaters deal going with some of his player buddies on opposing teams. According to the rumor; the player playing defense would tip the friend batting – of his pitchers pitch selection- in order to fatten up their hitting numbers! Ouch – now that is some nasty allegations! In my book that is far more disturbing than any performance enhancement drug usage allegations. That brings back bad MLB Historical memories of the game-fixing gambling scandals that got several 1919 Chicago White Sox players banned from baseball. Yet the press has stayed relatively quiet about the current A-Rod scandal. I guess the Manny being Manny steroid scandal is more juicy. The A-Rod charges will be hard to prove –but if they are factual, then A-Rod should be banned from MLB and his statistics quarantined.



  1. i think bonds also had it bad because he has continually denied his steroid usage. certainly arod would have probably never admitted usage on his own, but the fact that he can say he is dirty and we can all move on helps. additionally, i think there is a notion that players are clean now. (though i actually doubt that) i think if bonds would own up to being a user, everyone could say ha i told you so, and then we could move on with things. i think the same could be said of mcgwire.

  2. I agree that Bonds denial is part of the problem. But Bonds faces more problems than his denial. I can never remember when Bonds has had a good working relationship with the press. And they do not like him in return. So being normal human beings, they take a dump on his name and face whenever they get the opportunity. Bonds also faced another problem that most record breakers face – people do not like legends to be passed. When Henry Aaron passed Babe Ruth there was controversy. When Maris set the single season hr record – there was controversy. It is part of the game.

    In truth I think it is unfair to ever try and compare past records to new records in any sport. Games and rules change. The sport changes. It is like when I discuss the defense of the ’85 Chicago Bears. Many people champion that defense as the best ever. Maybe – maybe not. The defensive scheme they used would be more challenged in todays pro football because intimidation was a large part of their game. They would get flagged for penalties for much of what they did in ’85. People change -Games change – Sports change. It is part of life.

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