Posted by: thescoundrel | May 12, 2009

Mitt Romney’s Real Adversary – Religious Bigotry

I am not going to pretend that I know whether RNC Michael Steele’s  comments about Mitt Romney was a dig, an analytical assessment or a personal revelation from God. I did not or have I viewed the interview in which they were stated. I have only read some of the analytical comments of Steele’s commentary by commentators. Of what I have read – I have no problem if they are meant as an assessment of Romney’s electibility. That is his job. Here is the rub as I see it. I have no problem with Mitt Romney as a conservative, accepting him as a pro-life candidate (George Bush Sr. was pro-choice until he became VP) or the fact that he is Mormon. But I am not most people. My biggest problem with the Romney campaign was that he came across as the preppy rich kid you could not stand to be around in high school and that does not sell in most places. Still one glaring problem came out before the election and that is – just like JFK had to overcome cultural objections to his Catholic heritage- Romney or any other Mormon candidate will face an uphill climb in being accepted by the USA voting public. If you read the blog commentaries across the blogosphere there was no lack of negativity pointed towards his Mormon heritage. A nationwide across-the-board bigotry towards Mormons was also exposed in a 2008 Yahoo!/AP poll in which 50 % of those responding would have some or great reservations voting for a Mormon. The overall results did kind of surprise me considering how supposedly unbiased liberals most of the Internet population tends to be. Still Mitt should not feel too picked on. The Internet masses were considerably more bigoted towards Muslims (74% would have some or great reservations voting for), Older Americans (63% would have some or great reservations voting for) and Gay Americans (54% would have some or great reservations voting for).  In contrast the cultures which gather the most media headlines about facing bigoted voters in an election women and blacks saw a considerably lower intolerance factor in the poll – Women (25% has some or great reservation about voting for) and Blacks (19% had some or great reservations about voting for). For Mitt Romney to be accepted as a candidate he is going to have to find a way to win over not just Republicans, conservatives and moderates he is going to have to find a way to overcome the religious bigotry held by about fifty percent of All USA American citizens. Mitt Romney’s real adversary is not the liberals, moderates or even fellow conservative politicians. Mitt Romney’s real adversary is the bigotry still held in the hearts of many Americans towards the Mormon faith that crosses the whole political spectrum.



  1. I know we’ve discussed this anti-Mormon poll before, but if this bigotry is so pervasive, how did Mitt get elected governor in an ultra-blue state like Massachusetts, and his dad, George, in blue Michigan?

    Democrats aren’t exactly known for their religious tolerance, so I’m wondering how these two overcame the religion hurdle.

  2. I am not sure what magic he worked before but if heis too get elected then he will have to find some new or revitalize the old.

    I do think part of the problem is that the progressive part of liberal politicians have created a culture of fear-of-religion. Look at the discussion we got into about Bobby Schilling’s religious ties on your site. They hate religion. Read the Democratic Underground Forum. They vilify and attack their own members when it comes to expressing religious beliefs. They treat them like the outdated adage about women-They should be seen but not heard. The Democrat Party has allowed them to drive Social Conservatives among their party into hiding or out of the party all together. And they are doing the same thing with the justice system and the school system.

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