Posted by: thescoundrel | May 13, 2009

Nancy Pelosi – “She Knows Nothing” – LOL

And if you believe that – I got this bridge crossing the Rock River that I can give you a great cash deal on! A real bargain! 😀

According to a CNN story– an individual close to Speaker of the House Nancy “I Saw Nothing-I Heard Nothing –I Know Nothing” Pelosi says; that Pelosi actually did know about the waterboard interrogation tactics used by the Bush administration – at least as far back as 2003. Oops, did the cock just crow three times? Pelosi and other Democrat leaders have vomited an endless amount of hatred vilifying G.W. Bush, for allowing the use of harsh interrogation techniques on terrorists, in the Democrat effort to take control of the US government over the last few elections since 9-11. Yet more and more new evidence continues to show that, Nancy Pelosi, a major leader of the Democrat Party and the Speaker of the US House of Representatives (Just two stopped hearts away from the throne of the USA Presidency!) was far more aware of the Bush tactics than she has been publicly admitting. And you can bet what she knew – most other politicians, in positions of power within the Democrat Party, also knew about what was going on in the terrorist interrogations. Nor did Pelosi and her band of power players display any real interest in stopping the interrogation tactics. Yet she and the Democrat party have been extremely busy using the interrogation techniques to vilify the Bush administration and the interrogators that were working to protect this country from further terrorist attacks. Why should they have stopped the interrogations? After all the tactics were working and helping make our country safer from terrorists attacks. And since the Bush administration preferred to keep the tactics anonymous and not tip off future terrorist prisoners of the tactics – it was a win-win situation for Pelosi and the Democrat Party. Pelosi and Co. could have their cake and eat it to. They will just call in the political spin-doctors to create a smoke and mirrors distraction distancing them from the events. And their disciples will believe whatever they have to say. What choices do they have – as the real facts would only humiliate their worship of the False Prophet, Barack Obama, and his Democrat Bishops? The Pelosi and Co. Hypocrites can spin the facts and cry “I know nothing” all they want – the facts continue to come out that the Democrat Power Players probably knew most if not all of what was going on inside the interrogations. They just preferred to play political games with the interrogation information to secure power during the elections. Face it America – you all got screwed. You voted for hope and change and the media sold you a jackass in the guise of a unicorn.



  1. Love the post. They screw us and then we have to go outside to have a smoke. What a deal.

  2. Cruiser: “They screw us and then we have to go outside for a smoke”.

    LOL—that’s hilarious (and true)!

    Now the congressional Dems are whining that the CIA is “out to get them”. Gee, what a surprise; like they say, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. 🙂

  3. Thanks Cruiser. Yea the truth about Democracy is that the only democracy is for those associated with making the rules at the time of the legislation.

    QCEx, I never trust the government to do anything other than spin their actions and spout rhetoric about whatever they think will get them elected.

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