Posted by: thescoundrel | May 15, 2009

Obama Makes a U-Turn

The events that determine the direction and policy of the United States Government is like trying to maneuver among a packed four-lane expressway where the cars are all traveling at 75 MPH and the four lanes are converging into two lanes because of construction. We have a far left lane and a far right lane that are often stable in their operational status. But the political lanes in the center are always under construction. That is why we have constant power shifts in our government.

Any regular reader of my blog knows that I am not a friendly face for the media selected Obama administration. I will say this positive about Obama -He was smart enough to surround himself with all the right political campaign drivers that say all the right things, help create and augment existing road construction events while changing election speed and direction, when needed to get elected during a road construction period. But my personal opinion is I think he is nothing more than another False Prophet in a political arena filled with POTUS wannabe pretenders to the crown. And he has been fulfilling some of my pre-election musings about the paths of leadership he would be forced to travel despite his grandiose  False Prophet  election promises. Like every President before him, during my 29+ years of living, he gets stuck in that political traffic jam where the majestic promises he made before the election get bottled up with the reality of traveling on the always-under-construction superhighways of America. These bottleneck situations where the illusionary world of campaign promises meets the everyday reality of running a huge country are what tend to erode the Teflon shine off elected officials among those voters that are forced to change lanes to merge with the rest of traffic. Unkind words from normally friendly faces usually follow.

President Obama’s latest traffic rerouting of government policy is a sharp detour from his campaign promises and a divergent movement from his first actions taken as President. Obama has performed a full circle U-turn and reinstated the military commissions organizations (that he originally closed shop on) that were overseeing the Guantanamo Bay prisoner tribunals. They will have an Obama flavor in their oversight but that is too be expected. The important part is that the terror suspects will not be released into mainland USA and that they will not be clogging up our already overworked national legal system. And though many of his supporters, like the ACLU, are already screaming foul – for the moment, I will actually give Obama an Atta-Boy for this decision.



  1. I second your “attaboy”!

    I guess this is what they call “growing in office”—if only Obama would “grow” when it comes to making wise decisions about the economy.

  2. I will never like Obama as a political entity. We are just too far apart on our political positions. I do state when I think he makes a correct move. But he is too much of an leftwing extremist on too many issues for me to ever support.

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