Posted by: thescoundrel | May 16, 2009

Deja Vu – Big Bad Bush and the CIA Fooled Them

Just how much current Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and fellow Democrat power players knew about the CIA using interrogation techniques of waterboarding on terrorists is firing up the political machines of Washington DC. Pelosi along with Democrat Senator Bob Graham are both claiming that the CIA misled them concerning the use of waterboard interrogation tactics. Barack Obama’s current choice to lead the CIA, Leon Panetta, says that CIA briefing records show that both were fully briefed on CIA interrogation techniques used on terrorists in US custody and the value of such operations. Considering that Pelosi and Company used the Bush Administration waterboarding techniques as a constantly jabbing weapon in the last few elections it was inevitable that someone inside the Republican Party would strike back at Pelosi and Co. with fervor.  In trying not to miss a return chance at sticking a political shiv into the Democrat Party, a CNN article is reporting that Republican Newt Gingrich has sounded off calling Pelosi a “trivial politician, viciously using partisanship for the narrowest of purposes.” Not that the Gingrich revelation should be new news to anyone. Partisan politics has long been standard operational procedure for both political parties. Yet voters keep falling for the same tricks over and over again!

The Iraq War and its associated events will be the source of Partisan politics and Second Guesser Hindsight politics for decades to follow. The Democrat Party used the War and the War on Terror in expert Partisan Political play during the last two elections to seize complete control of the government. Two of the driving points they used as a battering ram were defining the Iraq War as GW Bush’s War and the waterboarding/interrogation techniques used on terrorists. They managed the first because the Iraq War drug on much longer than anyone expected until the short attention span of the American public grew impatient for results. When the public support for the War started waning – Pelosi and Company started selling the War as a never should have been event. This is despite the fact that the Congress voted heavily in favor of the War when the vote to choose War or No-War came to the floor. When queried why they were now changing their minds on the War – Pelosi and Co. claimed that Bush and the CIA had misled them. They all said, “Well all we read was the short form of the Bush Administration War Sale Ads”. This was despite the fact that they had all the same resource information made available to them that the Bush administration used in making their decision. So all the yea-sayers that were now nay-sayers pointed the finger at the Bush administration and said it was a bad war choice and it was all Bush’s fault. The media and the public let them get by with the falsehoods. Not long after Pelosi and Co. began their Bush Tortured campaign. Now that information is flowing like a river that Pelosi and Company were briefed in complete about the interrogation techniques on terrorists used by the CIA under the Bush Administration, the same interrogation techniques used as an example of how evil the Bush administration was by Pelosi and Co. during the elections, Pelosi is attempting to use the same spin rhetoric used about the Iraq War – Bush and the CIA misled the Pelosi and Company! Right. It is Déjà vu! The real concern is either Pelosi and Company are complete idiots if such were the case or the more likely is she is lying through her teeth with that plastic smile of her painted on her face. The all-worshiping lemmings of Pelosi and Company will just clap their hands together and say poor girl, the Big Bad Bush fooled them all again! The real question becomes will the more sane of the public and more importantly the supposed Watchdog Media, let Team Pelosi get away with the charade. Or will it be – Déjà Vu!


Newt Gingrich continues pushing Pelosi’s hypocrisy out into the open through the media. Yes it is more partisan politcs. Yet partisan politics seems to be the only thing US voters understand. I suppose voters reap what they sow.



  1. This is just too sweet!

    Pelosi accuses the CIA of lying, Obama’s man, Leon Panetta says the CIA told the truth, so what are the congressional Democrats to do—-back their idiot Speaker or their Lord and Master Obama?

    I’d love to see Hare’s response to this, but I already know his answer would be the same as Pelosi’s—Blame Bush(tm)!

    More interesting is the fact that the Democrat allied press will have no problem deciding which side to take—-Obama’s!

  2. I do not think there is a politician in this country that could tell the facts and just the facts – even if it would be advantageous for them to do so. Partisan politics has become the norm. I said this ever since I started blogging – rhetoric and demonizing the other party has become standard operating procedure for both parties. They flame the fires and the lemmings follow the piped pipers over the cliff. And the leadership of both parties has become so publicly intolerant of the opposition there is no ground left for debate. Yet after they beat each other up in public and fire up the lemmings – the leadership from both parties have a good chuckle at the show they have just created- then go to and get drunk with the individuals they just demonized. 🙄

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