Posted by: thescoundrel | May 19, 2009

Spring has Sprung – Time to Let the Dogs Out

It is running a little late this year but must be spring! The cold of winter is grudgingly giving way to the gentle warm sunshine that will soon become oppressive summer heat that allows you to fry your eggs on the front sidewalk. All the signs are there. The birds are chirping earlier and earlier. My lilacs have bloomed. The trees are turning green, red and pink. Flowers are blooming. The seedlings in my garden are actually starting to become recognizable as something other than a greenish something-or-other. Young women go outside in skimpier and skimpier clothing stalking the perfect tan line. Young Evil Kenivel wannabes are out cruising the busy car packed streets on their bicycles trying to become hood ornaments or road kill. And as the weather warms up two other more significant signs of spring and summer display their presence like an atomic clock that ticks almost perfectly.

First, as the weather gets nice enough to actually enjoy the best time of the year: road construction shuts down the roads in and around the Quad City. Sigh! Yes if you wish to travel anywhere inside or outside of the Quad City during the spring and summer it is a good plan to leave the house early. In some cases say like you want to travel from the Illinois Quad City side to Iowa Quad City side or vice-versa I suggest a good two-day head start. The same can probably be said if you wish to visit many of the little villages like Erie, where recent road construction required traveling gravel roads to actually enter the town. If you have to travel-the-gravel in Whiteside Co. and are not familiar with your surroundings – you might have to stop on occasion to get directions as the roads are named not numbered. And much like Grand Ave. in Davenport some of the roads are roads to everywhere and nowhere.

And if Spring has sprung you can bet your bottom dollar the door-to-door scam artists are hovering around the houses and streets of the various towns and cities. You know the ones! Individuals running door-to-door trying to sell you on quick fix labor work with too-good-to-be-true prices for your home or driveway. Or the ones I always get when the weather turns nice – nice young men and women selling magazines door-to-door. I got my first magazine scammer today. The trouble is they usually get your money and you get no magazines in return.

Ahh the signs of Spring – they are all finally here. I guess it is time to let the dogs out to greet the visitors.



  1. How true. I know even though it hasn’t been hot yet our yard is growing more like weeds. I can’t keep up mowing it once a week! In our neighborhood the boomboxes cranked up is a sure sign of spring.

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