Posted by: thescoundrel | May 22, 2009

Hot For Teacher Pedophilia – Gaining Acceptance?

Caution the following post deals with adult situations and sexual material.

Most non traditional sexual fetishes have historically faced both legal obstacles and the unforgiving wrath of society. Yet many sexual acts that were once considered scandalous and/or illegal have found champions that brought the behavior to a point of legal acceptance by society. Bondage/Sadomasochism and anal sex –both were once considered unacceptable acts of perversion- are  sexual behaviors that have worked their way into a modicum of acceptance and “in” to mainstream society. Considering this I am now asking –> Are female pedophilia acts becoming a new and legitimate “in” fetish?  I have spoken before of the increasing number of female pedophiles that have been publicly exposed – including many that were in the business of public school teaching our children. For the most part the majority of women pedophiles seem to get excused by the system unless the cases are extreme or the sexual offenses are repetitive. Men facing similar circumstances would not see the light of day from behind prison bars for years, after committing similar acts. And after the men are released they find themselves looked on as pariahs among society. We are justifiably restrictive and harsh on male pedophiles. Yet women pedophiles seem to find far more acceptance back into society and fewer tribulations than their male counterparts. I am not sure I understand that standard – it just is what it is. And over the years I have known many male and female adults that look at acts of statutory rape performed on young males by female pedophiles as humorous and/or a right of passage for young males. Now I read where one of the most notorious female predator teachers, Mary Kay Letourneau – that engaged in a sexual relationship with her sixth grade student/ now husband – is hosting a “Hot For Teacher Night” at Seattle bars. And it is evidently not a one-time event as this is the third such show she has partaken in. An event that creates enough buzz to be repeated, makes me reiterate – is female pedophilia in danger of becoming a legitimate and an acceptable sexual fetish of our society? This writer hopes not, but the Seattle “Hot for Teacher” shows give me cause to wonder!!!



  1. I loved this quote from the AP story:

    “Bar owner Mike Morris says Mary Kay Letourneau has served her sentence and it’s OK for the couple to have some fun.”


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