Posted by: thescoundrel | May 31, 2009

Illinois Legislative Hogs Seek to Increase Tax Feed in the Trough

According to a Quad City Times article, the Illinois State Senate narrowly passed legislation that would increase the States Income tax receipts from 3% to 5% in order to fix Illinois’ current financial crisis. The State of Illinois needs the money as they are traveling down the same Over-Taxation and Spend-Spend-Spend legislative superhighway that is currently driving the State of California towards bankruptcy. The vote was expected to be close enough that the current  Democrat State leaders had former Republican Governors -Edgar and Thompson, without much success- attempting to gain Republican legislator votes through political lobbying. Despite the legislation’s passage in the Illinois Senate the article also asserted that it would face even tougher scrutiny to pass in the Illinois House. I do not doubt it. Most current politicians that vote for the plan will wind up giving an opponent canon fodder come election time. People are tired of Big Government taking away the working stiffs money that they need to survive. In fact, when taxes are brought up for a vote – few items placed on ballots seem to get a rousing !YES! vote from the voting public. A Chicago Tribune article quotes some politicians  as saying –> that they will try and sell a tax increase to the public by binding the taxes to political reform and clean up of our State’s legislation. Right and if anyone believes that they will actually reform government and take our money at the same time –-> you are a chump! Politicians like to talk of reform when they want elected, but it is just rhetoric to get our votes. You do not pick up a rattlesnake just because he promises not to bite you. Legitimate political reform just isn’t in the Nature of the Beast of politicians.

Much of the public wants many of the tax produced social projects that has become part of the fabric of Big Government. They just want the money to come out of someone else’s pocket. That is why we continue to see Illinois Big Government gambling with State employees’ pension funds and choosing specialty tax increases of products. In what is an ironic twist the products taxed are often items like cigarettes, booze and probably soon to be included many fast food products, which the Government also spends a lot of time and money attempting to influence and/or force consumers to use less. ROFLMAO –-> that has become standard operating procedure Big Government logic in a nutshell! The current crop of politicians  have little to none when it comes to business sense. But then politics has become saturated by lifetime politicians and lawyers that are clueless when it comes to running a business or balancing money. They just legally stick-up the voters for a tax increase when they want more money to fund their special interest promises.

Another problem facing legislators is the continued dissatisfaction growth by those outside Chicago about the amount of State of Illinois money that gets pumped into the bottomless money sucking vortex that links Illinois Big Government political power structure to Chicago. My suggestion to Governor Quinn and the rest of the money-grubbers running our State is, if you want Non-Chicago voters to be more responsive to your wailing for money – quit sending our money to Richard Daley and Co. to be wasted with their Big Top Circuses. It is not our responsibility to keep Richard Daley and Co. in fine wine and caviar. I do not mind helping the needy in any part of the State but I am not interested in taxpayer funding of the Richard Daley and Co. political machine.

That leads to a problem that will create backlash for most legislators that vote for the tax increase proposal. Many voters have tired of paying for a crooked and top-heavy government bureaucracy where State legislators seek to create programs to keep their friends and family employed at the taxpayer’s expense. Nepotism still majestically rules in the halls of the State of Illinois Government. Which is sad – because many projects created really have value to people in need. But too much of the money never reaches the needy it was meant for. Too much of the money winds up in the pockets of the friends and family of politicians through job appointments or special consideration come time for State funded projects. The needy lose. The voters lose. Meanwhile the politicians and their friends live like fat hogs feeding at a trough filled from John and Jane Doe’s hard earned money needed to keep Captain Crunch on the breakfast table for their kids. The kids go to school hungry while Illinois Legislators and their family/friends go Oink-Oink-Oink all the way to the bank with our money.

That is my Illinois Tax and Spend rant for today!



  1. Glad I live in Iowa. The only thing they’ve raised here is vehicle registration and plates, so far.

  2. Yeah ya notice the hike fell through in the house. This is the type of hike that finds people looking for new legislators. They will probably try and find another way to sneak it through. In the meantime they will continue to keep tacking on specialty product taxes. In the end it hurts consumers and business. The citizens were set to lose no matter how the vote went. They will now have to look elsewhere for the money, cut back on programs (of course Chicago will get most of the money stroke while they will cut short funding to downstate projects). And of course it will not be best need but who is owed political favors. Typical Illinois politics. And of course we got one of those Chicago Chumps running the country now! Sigh!

  3. As usual, our wonderful Illinois political class has punted by only funding 6 more months at the same spending levels with no tax increases.

    Also as usual, Quinn is shrieking that the poor, weak and innocent will suffer because of inaction on tax increases. No mention of cutting out some deadwood in the state bureaucracy—-wouldn’t be prudent, at least politically!

    The silver lining is that the state GOP appears to have finally grown a pair, rather than cower before their Democrat overlords, which seems to the SOP for the federal GOP. The state GOP points out that the Dems don’t need any GOPers to pass spending or tax increases, and if the Dems expect help from the GOP in paying for Santa Claus going wild for the last 6 years, Quinn will have to sign the capital bill and the Dems will have to change the structure of Medicaid and the state pension systems. Kudos the GOP for making this demand—what good will higher taxes do if they are sent down the same corrupt sucking sinkhole with the $$$$ they already have?

    In the past, the GOP (state or federal) has not exactly been part of the good government crowd—let’s hope they are finally getting a clue.

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