Posted by: thescoundrel | June 2, 2009

Sotomayor vs. SCOTUS Politics

Let The Party and Mudslinging Begin!

Pope Obama’s Choice for the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayor, has made the same mistake so many people that get pushed or drawn into the political arena make – she stuck her foot in her mouth trying to make a cute pundit. In her case she made a statement that I have seen described as racist and sexist. I read the words and no matter how the pundits spin it – it is at the very least bigoted and sexist and in all fairness to reality it is a racist statement – even if it was made as a quip. The questions become: is she a racist and is she fit to serve on the Supreme Court?

The first one is not easy. Is she a racist – in my personal opinion, probably-maybe-who knows! In my opinion she certainly made a racist statement. It goes with the territory when members of a society that wants to call it self one nation yet still refers to themselves as Special-American such as Irish-Americans, Dutch-Americans, Jewish-Americans, African-Americans, Mexican-Americans and etc… and then demand special treatment.  Heck I have lost count of the times I have been called a racist -for simply and factually calling Obama out to be the False Prophet of Hope and Change- mostly by the Leftist Socialist Nation Regulators of the Democrat Party. Now that is an actual bigotry of mine –Far Leftwing Progressives- despite my being a former Democrat Party supporter. I once was a Carter and a Gore Supporter – I scorn them both now. Still if you criticize anyone or their constituency that decides the individual is a Special-American you automatically open yourself to the tag of racist or tagged with some ‘ism ending slur. You can’t continue to segregate yourself from the country as a Special-American if you want to defeat bigotry and racism. All you do is deepen the dividing chasm. Democrat and Republican Party leadership realize this – and still they both choose to find ways to widen the chasm. And the lemmings of both parties continue to follow them over the cliffs. It is a free country and they get to make that choice.

The second question is Sotomayor fit to serve on the Supreme Court. Is she who I would want to see sitting on the bench? No. But I have yet to see anything brought out that says she is not as worthy as any other candidate Pope Obama will toss out for the  nomination.  I seriously doubt if she is any worse than the individual she is replacing.  Whomever is President will attempt to choose a nominee that will make him and his political admirers giddy!  Then the politicians get to grill the nominee and decide if they are worthy. That is part of the point of the hearing after all: to expose the merit of the nominee. The rest is for the eventual losing side to make their political points and punditry. Some of the politicians -from both sides of the aisle- will be using the process as way of repayment for some perceived past political sin committed by the opposing sides. And yes there will be mud slinging from both parties at each other, the candidates and the party faithful. Some of it will come back to haunt them later in life as Sotomayor’s previous episode of bigotry is now haunting her nomination. This is the somewhat-United States of America after all and a media fed circus full of finger-pointing, name-calling and mudslinging are what our political system is all about. Let the party and the mudslinging begin!

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  1. The judicial nomination/approval process has been broken ever since the Democrats borked Bork.

    But still, I’d have to say a new level of political hypocrisy has been reached when as Senator, The Won admitted Bush’s SCOTUS nominees were well qualified but that he was going to vote against them because he didn’t approve of their ideology. Urging GOP Senators to vote for Sotomayor, he said they must put ideology aside and just vote on her qualifications. What a hoot!

    The Won also became the first POTUS to filibuster a SCOTUS nominee as Senator—-another historic first for Obama!

    The Senate Democrats are just as bad—or worse. Joe Biden was a one-man smear machine when he was on the judicial committee—Schumer was just as bad, yet Schumer tried to bully the GOPers by saying any criticism of Sotomayor would come back to bite them.

    Hmmmm, Democrat’s vicious slander and political game-playing on Republican judicial nominees didn’t seem to hurt them—-The Won is POTUS and Biden is VPOTUS. 🙂

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